'Sticker Lady' and accomplice plead guilty

Sam Lo, aka Sticker Lady, turned up for her day in court dressed sharply in a suit.

“Sticker Lady” Samantha Lo Xin Min pleaded guilty on Tuesday to seven counts of mischief, while her alleged accomplice Anthony Chong Tze Chen also pleaded guilty to two counts of abetting Lo and one of mischief.

The eight other charges of mischief against Lo and the five other charges against Chong  are being taken into consideration, their lawyers said.

Senior counsel Philip Jeyaretnam proposed for a community service order to be imposed on his client Lo, 26, who is a “first time offender”, Derek Kang, also one of Lo’s lawyers, told Yahoo! Singapore.

Jeyeratnam said that Lo is “remorseful” and had “no ill intent” behind her actions, and pointed out that “full restitution has been made”, said Kang.

Lawyer Kenneth Pereira, who is representing 30-year-old Chong, confirmed that he had also applied to court for a community service order to be imposed on his client. Pereira said that Chong has “no risk of re-offending” and “has a talent for art” which he used in positive ways such as holding art workshops.

The court will assess suitable community service orders for the both of them.

The next court hearing is scheduled on 8 May this year.

Lo and Chong are allegedly behind the "My Grandfather Road" series of street signs and stickers that were found painted on sections of Robinson and Maxwell roads in May last year.

Circular stickers printed with various captions were also found on a pavement near Lau Pa Sat. Captions included taglines such as “Press once can already” and “Anyhow paste kena fine”. It's understood that these stickers were also found on other road traffic signs across Singapore.