The 1-Step Upgrade for the Easiest Egg Salad You’ll Ever Make

We would have never thought to use this common kitchen tool for egg salad, but now we're never going back.

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Whether it’s over a salad, on a sandwich or wrap, or served by itself, you can’t go wrong with a scoop of creamy, rich egg salad. This lunch classic is such an easy and delicious way to enjoy eggs and it's so versatile—you can make it traditionally with mayonnaise, or dress it up with additions like mustard, onion, celery, chili flakes, or fresh herbs. If you thought egg salad was tasty and simple to prepare before, wait until you try this hack for upgrading your egg salad.

Use This Common Kitchen Tool to Make Effortless Egg Salad

Head over to your handy dandy stack of sheet pans, because the trick to making the easiest egg salad ever is a grid-style cooling rack! The grids of the cooling rack quickly and easily dice hard boiled eggs into perfectly proportioned pieces with a no mess, no fuss method. All you have to do is hard boil eggs, let them cool in an ice bath, and peel and rinse them for dicing.

After your eggs are hard boiled, cooled, and peeled, place a cooling rack centered over a large bowl. One at a time, place each egg on top of the metal grid, and then use the palm of your hand to gently press the eggs through the rack, and directly into the bowl. This will result in perfectly uniformed diced eggs. All you have to do now is add any additional ingredients to the bowl, combine, and enjoy. It’s that simple!

More Ways To Upgrade Egg Salad

Now that you’ve saved so much time with this egg salad upgrade, it’s time to get creative! A simple egg salad is always delicious: Just combine the diced eggs with a generous dollop of mayonnaise, a teaspoon or so of yellow mustard, salt, and pepper. However, if you’re looking to incorporate some more flavor, texture, and color, try adding some of the following:

  • Chopped celery and onion

  • Fresh dill or parsley

  • Smoked paprika

  • Dijon mustard

  • White vinegar

  • Pesto

  • Capers

Serve your upgraded egg salad creation immediately, or refrigerate it until you’re ready to enjoy. It will remain fresh for up to four days in the fridge.

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