The 10 Best Big Cities To Retire In The U.S.

Suzy Strutner

Ready to retire from the work grind, or simply looking for somewhere both relatively affordable and beautiful to relocate? These cities have you covered.

U.S. News & World Report recently released its annual list of the best places to retire in the U.S. The media company ranked 100 of the country’s largest metros on six indexes: housing affordability, happiness, desirability, retiree taxes, job market and healthcare quality. Research included pulling data from a Gallup-Healthways happiness report, running an online survey to judge each city’s desirability, and analyzing local unemployment rates, since many retirees choose to keep working in some capacity.  

Perhaps unsurprisingly, a Florida city took the number-one spot in the final rankings. But the top 10 is also peppered with Texan metros that offer especially affordable housing, low taxes and high happiness scores, a spokeswoman told HuffPost.

The way we see it, you don’t even need to be retired to enjoy life in these well-rounded cities. The top 10 metros to retire (or just plain live!) in the U.S. are:

10 Washington, D.C.

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A variety of quaint individual neighborhoods make this a charming place to retire, U.S. News points out. There's plenty to see and do when family comes to visit, too.

9 Austin, Texas

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The scenic Texas capital is currently enjoying a popularity boom that lends it a high desirability factor, U.S. News notes. Behind the big-name draw is some genuinely incredible nature, shopping and dining.

8 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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This East Coast charmer scored a 7.8 on U.S. News's healthcare index, meaning it's got great hospitals and health facilities. Urban explorers will love the city's new slate of restaurants and public green spaces.

7 Daytona Beach, Florida

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Fishing, golf and race car watching make Daytona a relaxing place to call home, according to U.S. News. Oh, and did we mention the stunning beaches?

6 McAllen, Texas

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McAllen offers affordable housing and an excellent quality of life, according to U.S. News. Located in the Rio Grande Valley, this lively border town is also a prime place for nature lovers.

5 El Paso, Texas

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El Paso's population is fairly young, but a thriving economy and vast job market also make it an economically sound place to retire, U.S. News notes. If you don't choose to work, you'll find plenty of live music and cultural events to fill your time.

4 Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Grand Rapids scored highly on the U.S. News index for housing affordability, meaning annual costs are comparatively low for both homeowners and renters. For fun, residents might check out the city's blossoming beer and coffee scenes.

3 San Antonio, Texas

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You'll live in a travel destination as a resident of San Antonio, and U.S. News points out that isn't a bad thing when it comes to quality entertainment opportunities. The food scene is also top-notch.

2 Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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Lancaster scored a very high 8.5 out of 10 on U.S. News's healthcare index. There's plenty to do here, too, especially if you're a history buff.

1 Sarasota, Florida

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This sunny coastal haven is currently attracting lots of new residents, U.S. News reports. We have a feeling the best beach in the country may have something to do with it.

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