10 most decadent french fries around Singapore

Marisse Gabrielle Reyes
10 most decadent french fries around Singapore
10 most decadent french fries around Singapore

“It's not good for you,” they say. “Don't eat that,” they nag. We know we're not supposed to eat these oily, deep-fried carbs, but we do anyways. And if you're going in for it, you ought to go for broke. Here are 10 of the most profane plates of potatoes in town. Sin now, repent later.

Cheesy fries ($7.90)

Where: 49 Seats (49 Kreta Ayer Rd., 6225-4332)

We recommend utensils here for two reasons: A) it's guaranteed to be a messy affair and B) you'll want to spoon every last bit of cheese into your mouth. 49 Seats' Cheesy Fries are literally covered - head to toe - in a creamy, liquid mess of yellow cheese. Of course, there's a trace of sour cream and a sprinkling of spring onion, but that's just decoration.

Curry fries ($4.90)

Where: Everything With Fries (#04-05, 200 Victoria St., Bugis Junction, 6338-0135 and more)

French fry-lovers will already know about Everything With Fries, the casual joint that serves a gigantic side of fries with each order of a main course. Out of this world though, are its Curry Fries, which are fried with whole curry leaves and coated in an aromatic, savoury curry powder. Also pictured are the Garlic and Herb fries, which are also scrumptious.

Duck fat fries (mains are $38.80)

Where: Les Bouchons (7 Ann Siang Rd., 6423-0737 and more)

Vegetarians, steer clear of this meaty number! Popular steak frites restaurant, Les Bouchons, serves the most amazing fries cooked twice in duck fat. The result is a rich and deeply flavoured (and extra sinful) side dish. The best part? These fries are unlimited with every order of a main course.

Garlic truffle fries ($15)

Where: Supply & Demand (#01-13, 8 Raffles Ave., Esplanade, 6336-0588)

Make sure you've got mints on hand as these fries are served with an entire head of roasted garlic. Supply & Demand's thick-cut fluffy potatoes are drizzled with aromatic truffle oil and finished off with generous shavings of salty Parmesan cheese and fresh parsley.

Photo: Instagram

Gusto Garlic fries ($6.40 for small, $7.40 for large)

Where: Best Fries Forever (#B1-00 Cathay Cineleisure, 8 Grange Rd., 8301-9603)

If you're looking for a spot of carbs to fuel your shopping session, you might as well go all-out. Cineleisure's Best Fries Forever fries up American russet potatoes on the spot, and they promise that their spuds are free of preservatives and are not frozen or processed. This ample serving of skin-on fries come with a variety of sauces, but our hands-down-fave is Gusto Garlic, a creamy dressing of garlic and herbs.

Naughty Fries ($9)

Where: Potato Head Folk (36 Keong Saik Rd., 6327-1939)

This decadent dish of Naughty Fries is almost pornographic! In it, you've got full-figured slices of fried potato slathered with condiments from the East and the West. These fries are sexily drizzled in a warm spiced bearnaise sauce and layered with chunky beef chilli, Parmesan cheese, fried shallots, minced red chilli and coriander. It's time for penance.

Pumpkin hazelnut fries ($12, top pic)

Where: House at Dempsey (8D Dempsey Rd., 6475-7787)

If you've had it with the tater, visit House at Dempsey, where they offer battered fries made from sweet pumpkin. These straw-cut and crusty golden frites are flavoured with crunchy bits of hazelnut, paprika and chilli powder. It's a winning combination that surprises the palate!

Poutine ($19)

Where: PS. Cafe (45 Ann Siang Rd., 9797-0648 and more)

Canada may have produced pop's most irritating boy-child, but they also gifted us with glorious poutine, so, we'll call it even. PS. Cafe may be famous for its Truffle Shoestring Fries, but in our opinion, the restaurant's Poutine tops the charts. In this dish, crisp shoestring fries give into sauteed mushrooms, red wine jus, decadent foie gras, and shavings of Swiss cheese.

Photo: Instagram

Texas cheese fries ($12.90)

Where: Chili's (#01-18 The Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen St., 6225-1887 and more)

Your fry extraction skills will be put to the test thanks to the heavy layer of melted cheese on this dish. This all-American treat is served on a sizzling plate, which encourages all of the flavours of the applewood-smoked bacon, jalapenos, melted cheese and jalapeno-ranch dressing to meld together on the roughly cut fries.

Truffled bearnaise fries ($10)

Where: Spruce (320 Tanglin Rd., 6836-5528 and more)

These potatoes are cut so thick, they almost resemble Pommes Pont-Neuf. They're crispy and golden brown on the outside, while remaining fluffy and moist on the inside. The fries are scented with pungent truffle and topped with a rich and buttery bearnaise sauce. No other dipping sauces are required here!

Photo: Instagram

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