10 PMDs including 64kg e-scooter seized during enforcement operations: LTA

An e-scooter weighing over 64kg was seized during enforcement operations between 14-15 May. (Photo: Facebook/LTA)

Ten errant riders using non-compliant personal mobility devices (PMDs) and power-assisted bicycles (PABs) had their devices – including a 64kg e-scooter – impounded by the authorities earlier this week.

Joint enforcement operations were carried out by the Land Transport Authority (LTA)’s Active Mobility Enforcement Officers and the Traffic Police on 14 and 15 May around Singapore, including Hougang Avenue 4, Boon Lay Way and Lakeside Road, said the LTA in a statement on Wednesday (16 May).

Under new laws regulating the weight and width of PMDs, PABs and bicycles, the 10 riders’ devices were seized because their devices were considered overweight.

Under the LTA’s device criteria, devices that can be used on public paths can weigh a maximum of 20kg, measure a maximum width of 70cm and have a maximum speed of 25km/h.

Power-assisted bicycles must also have a valid registration plate and an LTA approval seal.

The Active Mobility Act (AMA), which regulates the use and sale of PMDs, PABs and bicycles came into effect in Singapore on 1 May.

Users who commit offences such as riding of non-compliant devices, riding devices on wrong paths, speeding and reckless riding will face strict penalties of heavy fines and/or imprisonment.

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