10 questions with TV’s sexiest football babe Tara Rushton

Daniel Teo
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Tara Rushton speaks to Yahoo! Singapore. (Melissa Law/Yahoo! photo)

You may recognize Tara Rushton as the resident TV football babe on SingTel's Mio Stadium, who talks football on 'Tiger Goals on Sunday'. But can the 28-year-old Australian-born actress, presenter and model — who's been in Singapore since 2010 -- only talk a good game or does she really know her football? Yahoo! Singapore goes undercover to find out more about the Beam artiste.

Question: How does it feel being THE female football voice in Singapore?

Tara Rushton: I am a very lucky lady, and love my job very much! Football is enjoyed and watched by both women and men all over the world.  I feel really blessed to be able to watch and present a program on a sport I love, and I am continually learning from my fab co-hosts Dominic Lau and PJ Roberts.

I know you're an Arsenal fan. Can you share when and how you started following football and why of all clubs Arsenal?

I moved to London when I was 18 and lived in Islington - North London, most of my friends at the time were Arsenal fans and by joining them to watch the games - the love for the sport and of course for Arsenal rubbed off on me.

Who's your all time and current favourite player?

Thierry Henry. He's a legend. He was pivotal during our glory days.  However unfortunately, we haven’t not won a trophy since 2005 – if we had players of his caliber in the team now we would be in a much better position this season.

There are a lot of players whom I think are in stellar form at the moment – of course Robin Van Persie, Michu (who is on absolute fire and I think the best purchase of this 2012/2013 season) it’s also great to see Jack Wilshere playing with such class for Arsenal, but I have to say (and I know that as an Arsenal fan I'm not supposed to like him) Gareth Bale has got to be up there as well.

Who is the hottest footballer in your opinion?

I've got a bit of crush on Shane Long from West Brom, Aaron Ramsey and think Fernando Torres is a bit of a hottie – even though he looks a little like he should be in a boy band!

Football is known to be a male-dominated game, but do you think more girls watching the game now? And do you play football yourself?

It's a male-dominated game because in the Premier League it’s played by men – but at the end of the day sport is enjoyed regardless of gender! I love heading down to the Arsenal Supporters Club in Singapore and spending time with the female supporters – they are just as passionate as the men!  I am originally from Australia, which is a really sporty country and have always participated and watched sport since primary school.  I gave football a whirl and I’m not too bad – but admittedly very competitive but I play netball and love it.

You've been in Singapore for about 2.5 years. What's it been like?

I love living in Singapore. There are plenty of opportunities, the food is mind- blowing, it's really easy and accessible to travel around the region and the island itself and it's a mix of so many different cultures (which I love). I've met amazing people here and have been able to follow my dreams, so I’m very grateful and thankful to be able to call Singapore home.

What's your favourite local food?

I like to try new things all the time and love the mix of Asian food here.  In particular Champagne Ribs from Por Kee in Tiong Bahru, Thai from First Thai on Pervis Street and crab from Master Crab on Gin Moh Road.

I have to ask this on behalf of all our male readers. Are you single now?

Wouldn't you like to know!? :)

So what is your kind of guy?

Preferably an Arsenal supporter… (however friendly competition is always invited!)

I love a guy that is sporty, adventurous and funny that doesn’t take himself too seriously and loves to try new things!

Can you share with our readers and fans something they don't know about you?

- I'm half Burmese (on my Mum's side).

- I'm addicted to chili can eat the whole chilli till I'm in tears. I really love spicy food.

- I was in a Korean drama series this year called King To Heart - that shot in Shanghai and Seoul and had the chance to act with some very talented Korean Super stars – despite being lost in translation at times.

- I’m afraid of riding on roller coasters and crazy theme park rides and rats