10 of the raunchiest world records

Biggest orgy

Is Japan one of the horniest nations?  It’s quite possible. They have an anuual fertility festival that celebrates the penis, the world’s favourite sex toy – the rampant rabbit – was designed and produced in Japan, and now they also hold the world record for having the biggest orgy ever. 250 Japanese men and 250 Japanese women had sex in a warehouse at the same time. They’ve even released a DVD.

Longest smooch

Pucker up guys and girls and get ready for this shocking record: the longest kiss lasted a whopping 46 hours and 24 minutes. The contestants had to kiss continuously, with their lips toucking at all times. Toilet breaks weren’t even permitted. The couple who locked lips longest was Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat from Thailand, Pattaya. And were the chapped lips worth it? Well, the couple not only gained a world record they also won a diamond ring and 100,000 baht.

10 of the raunchiest world records

Biggest boobs

Fancy carrying an extra 8 stone in weight around with you? We thought not. This is the cost of having the world’s biggest, natural boobs. The bad boys belong to 52 year-old Annie Hawkins-Turner (aka Norma Stitz) who wears a size 102ZZZ bra. Annie’s under breast measurement is 109.22cm and her around chest-over-nipple measurement is 177.8cm. The world’s largest, surgically enhanced boobs belong to porn star Chelsea Charms who wears a 164XXX bra.

Oldest prostitute

Apparently the age of retirement is a little later for prostitution than most other occupations. The oldest working “Roxanne” known to the authorities is Chiu, who recently celebrated her 82nd birthday. Chiu began working the streets 40 years ago and has been working in Tai Pei ever since. Chiu has been working for so long she’s acquired a nickname – grandma. Unfortunately for Chiu, ageing prostitutes don’t feature much in men’s sexual fantasies and her rates have had to be radically reduced in recent years.

Strongest vagina

For those of you who thought women weren’t tough, you must not have heard of Tatiata Kozhevnikova, a 42-year old Russian mother. Tatiata may appear normal, but it turns out she likes lifting weights... with her lady parts. Tatiata suffered from weak pelvic muscles after the birth of her first child and tried lots of things before reading about women who used wooden balls to strengthen their weakened area. These days Tatiata can pump some serious iron, lifting 14 kilograms worth of weights.

Most bras removed in one minute

The awkward fumble and the disappointment felt when a guy can’t undo a girl’s bra is one devastating social scenario that quick fingered Chris Nicholson must never have experienced. Chris proudly holds the record of removing the most bras in one minute. Chris managed to whip off 20 bras, using just one hand. That means Chris was able to remove one bra every three seconds. He believes that his career as a magician helped him overcome the bra challenge; who knew magic could be so sexy.

Biggest nude wedding

Your wedding is the most romantic day of your life; at least it is for some. For others it’s a chance to ditch the confines of your clothes and find a little easy fame. In 2003 29 couples chose to get married in Jamaica at a club called Hedonism III. The mass wedding group exchanged their vows on Valentine’s Day completely in the nude. The brides were completely in the buff except for a veil.  Can you imagine the wedding photographs?

Biggest penis

Most men want to be bigger or at the very least a little better endowed down there, but Jonah Falcon is one man who has never felt ashamed by his manhood. Mr Falcon is the owner of the world’s largest human penis. His massive member measures an incredible 13.5 inches or 34.29cm; that’s longer than the average wine bottle. Jonah says that size isn’t everything and he seems to be right because Jonah still lives at home.

Most orgasms

A lot of women struggle to reach the pillow-biting big O, but for one lucky woman orgasms come easy. An anonymous lady was said to have 134 orgasms in one hour. She was recorded by two doctors William Hartman and Marilyn Fithian. By having 134 orgasms in just one hour it means that this girl had at least one orgasm every 2 minutes. However, another researcher has claimed that he has found one woman who could have 20 orgasms within 20 minutes.

Most castrations

If you’re squeamish, look away now. In 1300BC King Menephta defeated the Libyans in a huge battle. As a celebration against those he defeated he castrated the beaten army and cut off 13,000 penises. The list details that six Generals, 222 Sirculian Soldiers, 542 Etruscans, 6,111 Greek soldiers and 6,359 Libyan men all lost their members. We’re so glad that defeats are no longer celebrated in this way. Read more on realbuzz.com...
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