Top 10 try-something-new-today recipes

Top 10 try-something-new-today recipes

There are only so many stir fries a person can take. Use the same ingredients – peppers, green veg, spring onions, noodles, cashews – but mix them up with a splash of sesame oil, teriyaki and pickled ginger to make an authentic yakisoba (pictured above), straight from Japan.


Instead of same old spaghetti Bolognese, make a much more interesting linguine all puttanesca (christened ‘slut’s spaghetti’ by naughty Nigella) in only 15 minutes. Just substitute the meat with anchovies, capers and olives for a cheaper, lighter Italian option.


Bored of shepherd’s pie? Jazz yours up by making bobotie pie instead, the national dish of South Africa which is like the English version, only with an egg custard topping and the addition of raisins and spice in with the minced beef. Those who are brave enough to try bobotie will be rewarded.


Cast the bucket of KFC aside, and cook your own fried sweet chilli chicken instead. Fast, easy and cheap to make, all you need to do is coat chicken thighs and drumsticks in batter; fry in groundnut oil; and serve in an easy garlic, ginger and chilli sauce. Finger lickin’ good.

sweet pot

A jacket potato is, to be fair, a wondrous thing (only when oven-baked, of course), but if you fancy something a little less… yellow, then try Levi Roots’ sweet potatoes with spicy sausage. It’s colourful, quirky, and even comes with a fried egg plopped in the middle.


Bangers ‘n mash is a great combo, but put those sausages and potatoes into a hot sausage roast instead, and you’ve got something ‘absolutely delicious’, according to the latest recipe comment. Roast shallots and a thick, sticky red wine gravy makes this our dish of the day.


The egg is worth so much more than an omelette. Let it shine in a chunky tortilla with olives and chorizo recipe, all the way from Barcelona. It only takes five ingredients to create this filling main, and you could even get away with serving it at a dinner party, with plenty of cured meats.  


You’re better than egg and chips. Turn those chips into pan-fried waxy potato cubes, and couple it with baked eggs in a rich, spicy tomato sauce for a truly impressive mid-week main. Paprika, spicy chorizo and dried chillies give huevos rancheros a Mexican kick.


No more quick bowls of pasta, we beg you! In the same time, you can whip up ricotta, spinach and mint gnocchi using the simplest of ingredients, and in only three easy steps. Donna Hay’s Italian main is creamy, fresh, and the perfect veggie option.


Scrambled egg on toast is oh-too-often a last resort. Add a red onion, a pinch of turmeric, a couple of green chillies and some fresh coriander, and you’ll have transformed those humble eggs into a spicy scrambled egg delight. And it still tastes great on toast.