10 years ago, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles acquired Ram from Dodge

This month, Ram celebrates its 10-year anniversary as a standalone brand

While Ram pickups are still referred to by many as "Dodge Rams," that hasn't been an accurate title for the vehicles for ten years now; in 2009, FCA acquired the Ram lineup from Dodge officially making Ram Truck a standalone brand.

A decade ago this month, Ram Truck became a standalone brand no longer tied to Dodge. Despite this, the pickups continue to be inaccurately referred to as "Dodge Rams" despite the line being owned by FCA since 2009. 

Nevertheless, Ram has established itself as an industry leader over the past decade. By developing models targeting specific audiences and their unique needs like the Tradesman, Rebel, and Laramie Longhorn, the brand has steadily competed with legendary truck companies like Chevy and Ford.

Head of Ram Truck Reid Bigland states that, "Since becoming a distinct brand 10 years ago, Ram has had the benefit of being able to focus solely on trucks and commercial vehicles, allowing us to build the best vehicles possible for our customers." Over those years, the company developed Ram-exclusive features like a multi-link coil spring rear suspension, an active-level four-corner air suspension, and an active air dam among other technologies.

Currently the company claims to be setting the benchmarks for various pickup statistics including most powerful, highest towing capacity, and most interior space.

Bigland expressed his and the company's confidence in the brands future saying that, "We expect Ram's momentum to continue, and we feel optimistic that we're making the right moves, at the right time, to attract buyers."