11 Best Bangkok Cafes For Cafehopping

Yu Liang Sin
best bangkok cafes

Other than the vibrant street food culture in Bangkok, cafes, cafes and more cafes are budding out of each corner as well.

Just like Singapore, in Bangkok there is no less craze for the cafe brunch experience. Given the amount of space abundance, the variety and types of cafes are even more amazing in Bangkok.

That said, there are simply too many to try, so what’s good? Follow our guide as we filtered out some of our (super) favourites, most of which are accessible along the BTS.

1. Vanilla Cafe

Bangkok Cafes vanilla cafe

Bangkok Cafes


Bangkok Cafes

Hidden in a quiet, peaceful garden setting lies Vanilla Cafe. Located in the Ekamai Area, it is a stone’s throw walk away from One Ounce For Onion Cafe.

A Japanese themed cafe, Vanilla Cafe serves delicious cakes that are freshly baked daily. The area can be a little hard to get to, but if you are in the area, definitely a decent space to do your work or just chill out.

Vanilla Cafe: 53 Ekamai Soi 12,Sukhumvit Soi 63 10110, Thailand |
Tel:+66 2 381 6120 | Website | Opening Hours: Daily 07:00-22:00

2. One Ounce For Onion

best bangkok Cafes one ounce for onion

Bangkok Cafes one ounce for onion thong lor

Bangkok Cafes

Also located near Vanilla Cafe as mentioned earlier on, One Ounce for Onion is well hidden within one alley of similar looking houses. As you look for this cafe, please keep your eyes open wide because it really not look like a cafe from the exterior. Took me a second glance again before I realised.

Bangkok Cafes

Their Rose Float (THB120) made of Rose-Yougurt Dried Strawberry Ice Cream and Floral Syrup. It contained rose bits as well if you like something to chew on.

Bangkok Cafes one ounce for onion pizzatilla

The Pizzatilla Chicken Tikka (half) (THB160) was the bomb. Never a fan of such Southern American food as it gets very messy when eating. But the taste of it overcame every other factor. Chicken meat was tender and cheese that was part of it brought out the whole flavour. A very surprising delight despite its dull appearance.

Bangkok Cafes one once for onion

Grilled Croissant (THB150) (front) and Smoky Sandwich (THB150) (back) tasted really good as well. They managed to mix the ingredients and seasoning so well that I could totally finish all the mains by myself. This is one cafe that serves good, really good food. People who have been there before will agree with me.

One Ounce For Onion: 19/12 Ekkamai 12, Sukhumvit 63 Rd, Bangkok, Thailand 10110. |
Tel:+6621166076/+66863883303 | Website | Opening Hours: Weekdays 09:00-18:00, Weekends 09:00-20:00

3. Let Them Eat Cake

Bangkok Cafes let them eat cake emquartier

Bangkok Cafes let them eat cake mini cakes

Bangkok Cafes

All the mini cakes from Let Them Eat Cake look like detailed works of art, painstakingly made to not just look good, but taste delicious too. Ambience is casual and comforting especially the outlet in Siam Centre, but you might choose to check out the  Mille-Malle branch for a more rustic, experience that isn’t overly conformed to mall standards.

Let Them Eat Cake: 4th Floor, Siam Center,Bangkok, Thailand 10330 | Tel: +6602 658 1603 | Website | Opening Hours: Daily 10:00-22:00

4. Fill In The Blank

Bangkok Cafes fill in the blank

Bangkok Cafes

Bangkok Cafes

A very homely and wood-drive cafe setting, it’s almost like stepping into IKEA. They have really friendly staff greeting you as you step in, and also a small workshop area that sells merchandise like hand-made bags and accessories. Very much a lifestyle store cum cafe.

Bangkok Cafes fill in the blank pancakes

They serve really sweet desserts like Strawberry pancakes with Ice cream and also tasty salads as well as sandwiches.

Fill In The Blank:28/10 Sukhumvit Soi 61, Bangkok, Thailand | Tel: +66094-556-2920/+6602-000-4828 | Website | Opening Hours: Daily 10:00-20:00

5. Phil Coffee Company


Bangkok Cafes phil coffee company

Bangkok Cafes

Seems many good cafes in Bangkok are all obscurely hidden, Phil Coffee Company also follows suit. Beautifully designed, red bricks were used for their walls instead of the conventional ceramic wall for a more rustic feeling. This definitely stood out and was more aesthetically pleasing for the eyes.

Phil Coffee Company is located inside a small alley within Sukhumvit 61, the soi (alley) is on the left side, after Greenery Place Condominium.

Phil Coffee Company :21, Sukhumvit 61,North Klongtan,Bangkok, 10110 | Tel:+ 66082 111 2249 | Website | Opening Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 09:00-18:00

6. Casa Lapin  

Bangkok Cafes casa lapin

Bangkok Cafes

One of the cafes on my Bangkok list prior to flying over, this place here is beside a co-working space and atmosphere was invitingly warm and casual. Interior ambience is lighted with florescent lights in combination with natural lighting for that casual, enticing setting.

best Bangkok Cafes casa lapin berries waffle

Of course, you can’t go wrong with waffles. Berry Bliss (THB250). Crunchy waffles, sweet strawberries atop with fresh whip cream.

Casa Lapin :Soi Madam bunch Praphai Khlong Tan, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110, Thailand | Tel:+66 81 261 2040| Website | Opening Hours: Weekdays 08:30-20:30; Weekends 10:30-20:30

7. Fucheer by Lukkaithong

Bangkok Cafes fucheer

Bangkok Cafes

best Bangkok Cafes fucheer Pang Cha Lukkaithong Royal

Located inside Emquartier, this is one small cafe that commands long queues for their Pang Cha Lukkaithong Royal – a monstrous shaved ice dessert with Thai ceylon tea and other toppings. 

The queue is consistently long at this cafe, attracted by the dry ice smoke wafting below the mountain of a dessert. At the front is Fucheer the cafe, while the other end houses Lukkaithong Royal cooking, which serves main courses.

Fucheer by Lukkaithong : 6A04-05, 6th Floor, The EmQuartier Department Store, No. 693, Bangkok, 10110 | Tel: +6602-0036201/+6602-0036202 | Website | Opening Hours: Daily 10:00-22:00

8. Karmakamet Secret World

Bangkok Cafes


best Bangkok Cafes Karmakamet Secret World

Bangkok Cafes

Thanks to our Thai friend, Khun Stephanie, we discovered this beautiful and serene cafe that’s an instagrammer’s dream come true. Karmakamet Secret World is not easy to spot as it’s not your usual cafe along the road (hence the secret).  This place makes you feel extremely at peace from the moment you step in, all thanks to their homemade aromatic fragrance filling the air.

Instagram Photo

Spacious, with a country flavour and wide glass windows letting in natural light. This is definitely something you can’t find in Singapore cafes. Situated in the middle of a garden glasshouse setting all around, I can literally have all my meals and sleep here all day.

Karmakamet World: 30/1 Soi Metheenivet, Klongton,Klongtoey, Bangkok Thailand | Tel. +662 262 0700-1 | Website | Opening Hours: Daily 10:00-23:30

9. Roast Cafe


best Bangkok Cafes roast cafe

Roast, one of the more well-known cafes in Bangkok definitely made it to our to must visit list. Located in SeenSpace at Thong Lor, this is typically a hipster cafe that cafe hoppers will go. During our visit there, we could see that there was a fair mix of locals and tourists.

best Bangkok Cafes roast seenspace thonglor

We had their Corn Beef Hash (THB280) which was pretty pricey and comparable to the price you pay in Singapore. Nonetheless, quality matched it’s price. Aromatic strips of beef jerky-like was in the right portion as well as the perfect looking watery egg. It typically gets quite crowded at Roast cafe, so do come early.

Roast Cafe: Seen Space, Thonglor 13 | Tel.+6602 1852865 | Website | Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday 10:00-23:00, Friday-Saturday 09:00-23:00, Sunday 09:00-22:00

10. After You Dessert Cafe

best Bangkok Cafes after you dessert

Bangkok Cafes

Ah, if you’re a big fan of desserts you would definitely have heard of this Bangkok cafe before. After You dessert cafe has been a real popular and destination cafe every time people go to Bangkok.

This particular outlet is located just opposite SeenSpace (near Roast as well), and is a great choice for people who do not want to spend time queueing at their other outlets in the shopping centres.

Bangkok Cafes after you strawberry cheese cake japanese shaved ice

A new item on their menu. The Strawberry Cheesecake Japanese Shaved Ice (THB235) is a hit with many patrons. Ice was delicately shaved to a near powder consistency, thus not having as freezing an effect once put into your mouth. Drizzled with that thick strawberry jam-like sauce, you’ll be in love with this.

As you scoop further into the dessert, pieces of cheesecake is revealed. Hidden inside, I was still thinking why was there no cheesecake when it was mentioned in it’s name. Got my answer halfway thru and I continued indulging in it.

Bangkok Cafes after you shibuya toast

Usually people order the standard Honey Shibuya Toast, but we tried something a little different. We had their Cheddar Cheese Toast (THB205) which was savoury and sweet. Cold Vanilla Ice Cream with salty cheddar cheese turned out to be a genius combination.

After You Dessert Cafe: J Avenue, Thong Lor 13, Bangkok, Thailand | Tel.+6602 712 9266 | Website | Opening Hours: Daily 11:00-midnight

11. Audrey Cafe & Bistro

best bangkok cafe audrey

Bangkok Cafes

Also a famous Bangkok cafe is Audrey. A short stroll from SeenSpace and After You, this is also one cafe you must go if you’re in the area. Undoubtedly, Audrey boast great and inviting interior designs and spacious outdoor seating reminiscent of Parisian Patisseries.

Bangkok Cafes audrey thai milk tea crepe cake

The one absolute reason to visit Audrey, is for their Thai Milk Tea Crepe. Just the picture alone is good enough to make you drool eh. Featuring thick and milky Thai Ceylon Tea sauce over a layered heavenly soft sponge crepe cake. I could probably eat 10 at one go if no one stops me.

Audrey cafe also has other outlets, but we found the one at Thong Lor to be welcoming and not as crowded.

Audrey Cafe & Bistro: 136/3 Soi Thonglo 11, Vaddhana,Sukhumvit 55 Bangkok, Thailand 10110 | Tel: +660271266678 / +660890008090 | Website | Opening Hours: Opens Daily 11:00-22:00

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