11% of employees say bosses weren't helping in career upgrade


Almost 3 in 10 said employers were dedicated to providing job advancements.

5 in 10 Singapore employees (53%) believe that their managers are ‘very’ to ‘extremely’ effective in helping improve their overall job performance, according to an employment survey by Qualtrics.

Additionally, more than half of employees (54%) feel that their manager was ‘extremely’ to ‘very’ effective in helping at career advancement.

This points to a correlation between strong leadership and developing employee talent.

The survey also highlighted the importance of effective manager-employee communication as well as its link to improved job performance.

The survey revealed that 8 in 10 (81%) of employees feel that they can freely tell their managers their opinions on work issues more than half the time with 58% believing that their manager sincerely takes their opinions into account always or most of the time.

26% of respondents said that their employer was dedicated to giving them opportunities for job advancement while 11% said that their employer was not at all dedicated to helping them advance their careers.

“Managers that listen to their staff and show them that they’re valued are most likely to get top-level performance from their teams. That’s what strong leadership looks like: fostering a group of people who want to perform at their best to contribute to the growth of the organization and in turn, their careers,” said Qualtrics head of Southeast Asia Mao Gen Foo. 

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