12 facts about King Charles you probably didn't know

12 facts about King Charles you probably didn't know

To celebrate King Charles III's Coronation on Saturday 6th May 2023, we have gathered some lesser-known facts about our new monarch. From diving around historic shipwrecks to sketching in the Himalayas, our green-fingered King has some rather impressive hobbies and interests.

Hosting a Coronation quiz? Brush up on your royal knowledge and take a look at the facts below...

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1) King Charles became the Prince of Wales at age 9

King Charles III was just a nine-year-old boy when his mother made him the Prince of Wales. It is a title traditionally given to the heir apparent to the English and later British throne.

Pictured: Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II) and Prince Charles watching a procession from the wall of Clarence House, London, 22nd November 1950

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2) He was Buckingham Palace's first baby of the 20th century

King Charles III was the first royal baby born in Buckingham Palace in the 20th century. He was born on 14th November 1948.

Pictured: Queen Elizabeth II and her firstborn, Charles Prince of Wales

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3) He plays three instruments

The King is musically talented and can play three instruments: the guitar, the piano and the cello. He is also a classically trained singer, who began writing songs when he was just 17.

Pictured: The then-Prince of Wales playing the cello at the School Of Music, Victorian College of Arts, Melbourne

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4) He enjoys sketching and painting

Painting and sketching has always been the King's go-to activity for relaxation and creativity. He has painted numerous landscapes over the years, including Hong Kong's countryside and Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

Pictured: King Charles sketching in The Himalayas

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5) He can speak Welsh

The King can speak Welsh, though he is not fluent in the language. It is also believed he can speak some French and German.

Pictured: A young Prince Charles relaxing in his study at Cambridge University, June 1969

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6) He first met Diana when he was dating her older sister

When the then-heir to the throne was first introduced to Diana Spencer during a grouse hunt at Althorp (the Spencer family home), he was there with her older sister, Sarah. At their time of meeting, Prince Charles was 29 and Diana was 16.

Pictured: Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer holidaying at Balmoral in May 1981 during their engagement

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7) He once presented the weather

King Charles once presented a special lunchtime weather forecast during a visit to BBC Scotland's headquarters at Pacific Quay, Glasgow.

Pictured: The King at the BBC Scotland Headquarters where he met staff to celebrate 60 years of BBC Scotland

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8) He has a frog named after him

An endangered species of Ecuadorian tree frog was announced as the Hyloscirtus princecharlesi, or the Prince Charles stream tree frog, according to The Guardian.

Pictured: The King poses with an Ecuadorian stream tree frog during a WWF-UK Green Ambassadors Summit attended by school children at Highgrove House

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9) He is a qualified diver

King Charles is the first British monarch to be a qualified diver. He first began scuba diving in the 1970s and has explored many shipwrecks over the years.

Pictured: King Charles preparing to see the Tudor shipwreck which sank in the solent in 1545.

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10) He once wrote a children's book

The Old Man of Lochnagar is a 1980 children's book written by the then-Prince of Wales and illustrated by Sir Hugh Casson. It gives a heartwarming glimpse into the imaginary world of the King.

Pictured: A young Prince Charles seen here in his room at Trinity College when he was an undergraduate

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11) He has founded nearly 20 charities

For over 40 years, the King has been a leader in identifying charitable needs. As Prince of Wales, he founded nearly 20 charities and was patron of more than 400. He will be less involved in charitable activities as he takes up his duties as head of state.

Pictured: A young Prince Charles plants a tree during a tour of Australia, October 1974

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12) He broke royal precedent by being present at the births of his two children

Princess Diana was the first royal to give birth in hospital (it was custom to have a home birth). Charles was also present at the birth of both of his sons, which broke royal precedent.

Pictured: Charles and Diana in Kensington Palace with their sons Prince William and Prince Harry, December, 1986

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To celebrate King Charles III's Coronation on Saturday 6th May 2023, we have uncovered the lesser-known facts about our new monarch.