12 Items Of Heated Clothing For The Person Who's Always Cold

Carly Ledbetter

Winter is coming, which means it’s time to start purchasing cozy clothes

From heated hoodies and jackets to vests and beanies, we’ve scoured the internet to find the warmest items currently on the market. Though the products are a little bit pricey, they’re all highly recommended and durable enough to get you through biting temps and blizzards. 

Take a look at the 12 heated items to buy before it gets cold out: 

1 WarmGear heated hoodie


Buy the WarmGear heated hoodie for $119.95. 

2 Venture Heat battery-heated beanie hat

(Warming Store/Venture Heat)

Buy the Venture Heat battery-heated beanie hat for $99.95. 

3 Venture Heat battery-heated scarf

(Venture Heat/Warming Store)

Buy the Venture Heat battery-heated scarf for $99.95

4 Sharper Image heated insoles

(Sharper Image)

Buy the Sharper Image heated insoles for $99. 

5 Delphyne 5-zone heated jacket

(Delphyne/Dragon Heat Wear)

Buy the Delphyne 5-zone heated jacket for $239. 

6 Wyvern 3-zone heated jacket

(Wyvern/Dragon HeatWear)

Buy Wyvern 3-zone heated jacket for $199. 

7 Ansai heated base layer shirt


Buy the Ansai heated base layer shirt for $99.99. 

8 Lenz battery heated socks


Buy Lenz battery heated socks for $299.95

9 DeWalt heated jacket


Buy the DeWalt heated jacket starting at $194. 

10 Ororo women's vest with battery pack


Buy Ororo women's vest with battery pack for $105.99. 

11 HotHands heated fleece neck gaiter


Buy the HotHands heated fleece neck gaiter for $7.22. 

12 ActionHeat battery-heated base layer shirt


Buy the ActionHeat battery-heated base layer shirt for $159.99

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