13 Singapore fresh chicken distributors fined $27m for price fixing, anti-competitive behaviour

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    Any price fixing in Bananas? Why price keep increase?
  • t
    NTUC recently also fixed price on eggs. Why Authority never fine them ?
    Does the chicken market of those chicken backside closed up at all the farm ?
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    The geylang chicken distributors also fixed price. Why never catch?
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    Please la,only those not Ah Long company will get fine lo,Ah Long company many many also fixed the price but will not get fine la.
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    If Moon cake festival could lead egg pricing increase by 25%.
    In this case, same logic on hawker ctr F&B should also implement price surge during lunch and dinner timing.
    I urge all hawker ctr should react pricing surge since all Singaporeans are rushing for meal and hawker staff could employ more staff during such hrs to serve them fast and good quality std.
    I believe all Singaporeans and foreigners can afford for just another $1 or $2 dollars surge pricing.
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    Please check starhub,singtel and m1 too
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    Why are the petrol prices almost the same for all the petrol companies? The prices of oil had dropped drastically since God knows when but our prices are still sky high. Tell me why is this not price fixing by the oil companies. The govt is never sincerely in helping us. They are oh so arrogrant.
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    How about Petrol? No Anti-Competition?
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    Utility companies? Telecom companies? SMRT/SBS? All these not included? LOL
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    Why not investigate supermarkets and pharmacies too which ell products at same prices.