13 Startups in Asia That Caught Our Eye

Emily Goh

Here’s our newest weekly list featuring a bunch of hot startups from all over Asia. For tips and stories suggestions, feel free to email us. Alternatively, you can send tips here and/or tell us about your startup here. Enjoy this week’s list:

1. Cubie | Taiwan

Launched in March 2012, Taiwan’s Cubie is a mobile messenging app that has almost 8 million users, and is run with a bootstrap team of 12. It’s up against giant messaging apps like Line and KakaoTalk. Cubie received a round of investment late last year, and was recently featured on the front page of the Google Play store for a good nine days. Learn how the team got their app featured in this report.

2. Nonstop Games | Singapore

Nonstop Games is a Singapore-based tablet and mobile game development startup with Finnish roots. This week it raised a big round of funding that will help boost its popular Heroes of Honor title.

3. Alegrium | Indonesia

Alegrium is a self-funded startup based in Indonesia that is the brain behind the Icon Pop Quiz[a] game that received props from Korean singer PSY back in December. Now the developers launched a sequel called Icon Pop Brand. The new game is proving so popular in Indonesia that it even knocked a very popular messaging app from the first position on the country’s iOS free app chart.

4. Tapmee | Vietnam

Tapmee is a Vietnam-made location-based chat and dating app just launched this week on Android. The app is being developed by five people and looks really good.

5. Veritrans | Indonesia

Veritrans is an Indonesian payment gateway for credit cards which promises to deliver online transactions that are easy, cheap, and quick. It has recently relocated to a brand new office and has also released news about its plans for the next few months

6. IG9 | Vietnam

Officially launched this week, IG9 is Vietnam’s first homegrown crowdfunding platform. It is founded by Nam Do, the current CEO of Emotiv, along with a full-time team of seven from a motley crew of startups based out of Hanoi

7. Kleii | Vietnam

Kleii is a Vietnam online cloud storage service, similar to Dropbox, which was covered by us earlier this year. Recently, it has amassed significant growth in the number of users, despite suffering a week-long downtime outage.

8. Adzcentral | Singapore

Singapore-based AdzCentral provides clients with a one-stop platform for convenient automated digital ads-buying, covering social ads, search, mobile, email, and video. The startup concluded a financing round with Electric Sheep Capital and Digital Media Partners (DMP) this week.

9. Brand24 | Indonesia

Brand24.co.id, an Indonesian company that specializes in monitoring online social marketing, opened its doors last week. It analyzes conversations across Indonesia’s social media, identifies people’s sentiment, and points out the current trends. The service can also help make reports and infographics for brands. (It’s the same team us this fun graphic about social Jakartans!)

10. HotelQuickly | Thailand

Launched just this week at Webmob’s Bangkok Meetup, HotelQuickly is a convenient mobile-only service that helps users book hotels really quickly. It’s available in six Asian countries now. Four out of five of HotelQuickly’s founders are based in Bangkok, Thailand.

11. Zomato | India

Not long after expanding to Europe with restaurant listings for London, now India’s Zomato has launched for foodies in Manila, capital of the Philippines. It marks the first move into Southeast Asia for Zomato, and brings in-depth information on over 9,000 restaurants in Metro Manila.

12. Luxa | Japan

Luxa.jp is a luxury-oriented e-commerce site where items, (from pricey sake to expensive skincare products), are sold at useful discounts during flash sales. Just this week, Luxa announced major series B funding.

13. Perx | Singapore

Singapore-based mobile loyalty app Perx has been showing steady growth over the past year. Besides helping merchants to manage their loyalty cards digitally, the app now incorporates a new Net Promoter Score (NPS) Loyalty Task feature for merchants.

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