The 14 COOLEST Skate Parks in the World

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Skateboarding has been huge in American culture since its inception nearly 70 years ago. From starting as a side activity when there were no waves for California surfers, to being eclipsed by the popular roller derby competitions later that decade, to eventually getting reinvented in the ‘70s—skateboarding’s evolution through the years has been a fascinating one to follow. Today, people from all over the world partake in this exhilarating pastime that got its start on the streets of California. From the center of Paris to the outskirts of big cities, ahead, we take a look at some cool shots from skate parks around the world.

Bondi Beach, Australia

A young skateboarder is pictured here at Australia’s Bondi Skate Park in Bondi Beach. It’s one of the country’s biggest skate parks.

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Paris, France

A young boy does a trick at a skate park in Paris, France. The country is home to multiple popular skate parks.

skateboarder paris france
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Eindhoven, Netherlands

Area 51 Skate Park is an indoor skate park in Eindhoven, Netherlands, with vert ramps, handrails, stair sets, and more. It’s also an excellent spot for those who BMX, rollerblade, or ride a scooter to spend the day.

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Hoboken, New Jersey

This Hoboken skate park has a breathtaking view of the New York City skyline, as seen here.

skateboarding in front of the empire state building in new york city
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Ocean City, Maryland

The Ocean Bowl Skate Park, located in this Eastern Shore town, is a 17,000-square-foot space with a pool bowl (with both deep and shallow ends), a large vert ramp, and a 13,000-square-foot open concrete street course. Here, Bucky Lasek is pictured doing a trick on the half pipe during a competition in the 1980s.

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Huntington Beach, California

This shot, taken in 1999, shows a young boy having fun at one of California’s many skate parks. Today, Huntington Beach is home to the expansive Vans Off the Wall Skate Park, which has over 40,000 square feet of gaps, kickers, handrails, bowls, and more. There are even bathrooms, a snack bar, lockers, and a skate shop to enjoy.

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Madureira Park in Rio de Janeiro is one of the country’s largest parks. It not only has a skate park (featuring this vibrant mural) but volleyball courts, football fields, gazebos, and streams, too.

the madureira park in rio de janeiro
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Venice, California

A young man does a trick while skating at the Venice Skate Park in California. The 16,000-square-foot skate park was opened to the public over a decade ago in 2009.

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Lemoyne, Pennsylvania

A skateboarder rides the half pipe at a skate park in Lemoyne, PA, in the 1980s. Vertical skating and street skating both got especially popular during this time.

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New York, New York

A skateboarder does a trick on a rail at New York City’s LES Skatepark in lower Manhattan. The park was made by California Skateparks and features tons of ledges, floating banks, rails, benches, quarter pipes, and more.

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Yangon, Myanmar

Teens participated in a skating competition at a skate park in Yangon, Myanmar, earlier this year. The money to construct the skate park was raised by crowdfunding, and the park was built in just two weeks.

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Toronto, Canada

A professional skateboarder skates at Toronto’s Ashbridges Bay Skatepark, a popular 25,000-square-foot park just steps from the city’s Woodbine Beach.

fay defazio ebert,13, is a professional skateboarder and canada's best hope for a medal in paris, practices at ashbridges bay skatepark
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Hanover, Germany

A skateboarder spends some time trying out tricks at a skatepark in Hanover, Germany.

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Rome, Italy

This Roman skate park may have one of the best views. Located on Rome’s Oppian Hill, the recently built park has a breathtaking view of the Colosseum, a famous Roman amphitheater that dates all the way back to ancient times.

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