14 Ingenious Packing Tips From People Who Travel For A Living

There’s nothing we travelers love more than a good packing tip. Once learned, aDIY travel hack (likerolling an entire outfit into a tiny ball) can change the way you pack forever.

Nobody knows more about efficient packing than peoplewho travel for a living. HuffPost asked a variety of road-focused workers, from business consultants toflight attendants, for the one trick they swear by for an efficiently packed suitcase. Their responses reflect organization at its finest:

1. “Plan your outfits ahead so that youwear your bulkiest clothes on your travel days.” ― Emily Van Houdt, management consultant at Accenture

2. “I alwaysput a laundry dryer sheet in my suitcaseso my clothes always smell great instead of that odd suitcase smell.” ― Laury Rodriguez, flight attendant with a major carrier

3. “Mysecret is the packing cube!Roll your clothing in, stuff it and zip it closed. I’ve had the same Eagle Creek one for five years going strong. ... Best $15 purchase ever.” ― Kristin Addis, CEO of Be My Travel Muse

4. “I live byrolling my clothes! That way nothing gets wrinkled or lines at the sides.” ― Sarah Williams, senior consultant at Deloitte

5. “Pack all socks and undergarments into asmall, reusable cloth bag. Your suitcase will look much more organized even after a few days of halfhearted packing.” ― Alex Reynolds, travel blogger at Lost With Purpose

6. “Pack by color palette, so everything goes with everything.” ― Michael Keating, joint CEO of Ink

7. “If youplace your shoes inside a shower cap, it keeps your suitcase clean.” ― Melly Mel, former Pan Am flight attendant

8. “My latest hack: lightweightblack shoes that also work well in the gym, so I don’t have to worry about squeezing in sneakers, too.” ― Zach Honig, editor-at-large of The Points Guy

9. “Pack fragile orvaluable things in clothes. Socks within socks make an excellent travel case for microphones.” ― James Lanman, musician

10. ”[I put] toiletries and achange or two of clothes in my carry-on. Nothing’s worse than showing up in another country, finding your bag is lost, and then realizing you’re stuck wearing the clothes you’ve been traveling in for the foreseeable future.” ― Scott Keyes, founder of Scott’s Cheap Flights

11. “Pack your most densely packed items (in my case, my packing bags) at the bottom [of your suitcase] where the wheels are and lighter items on top. ... Ideally, you wantyour suitcase packed SUPER tightly.It keeps things secure.” ― Marcy Massura, senior strategist at Henson Consulting

12. “Pickshoes that can be worn with multiple outfitsso you only have to bring a couple pairs for your trip. And wear one pair on the plane if you can.” ― Alice Cope, former advisory consultant at EY

13. “I always travel with lightweight,fast-drying, wrinkle-resistant fabrics. ... Many outfitters sell specialized travel clothing. I’m a big fan ofEddie Bauer’s ‘Travex’line.” ― Patrick Smith, commercial pilot and founder of Ask The Pilot

14. “Ilove the Away luggage company ― they have small bags that fit into your luggage for the best organization possible. I’m able to plan out my outfits and put them together and know exactly where everything is.” ― Ashley Streff, photographer

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