28 Lunar New Year Gifts for the Crazy Rich Asian in Your Life

Enter the Year of the Dragon in style.

<p>John Hardy/ Louis Vuitton/ Coach/ InStyle</p>

John Hardy/ Louis Vuitton/ Coach/ InStyle

As we enter the Year of the Dragon this February, why not indulge in the most luxurious and stylish gifts brands have to offer? The Lunar New Year is one of the most celebrated festivals in Asian culture, signaling a clean slate from the past and good fortune in the future. Unlike gifts given on birthdays or holidays like Christmas, the ones bought and exchanged for Lunar New Year are seen more as tokens and trinkets to ensure prosperity and good fortune, which is why colors, iconography, and intention are important when it comes to selecting the perfect gift.

While many families who celebrate the Lunar New Year will never forgo the traditional exchange of red money envelopes and bounties of food, there is a sense of more is more when it comes to gift-giving this upcoming new year, and families intend to celebrate in style just like a Crazy Rich Asian would. Luxury brands certainly got the memo, as the 2024 Lunar New Year proved to be a perfect opportunity for many designers to flex their creative chops. After all, the dragon is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and meaningful symbols in not only the Chinese zodiac but Asian culture as a whole, granting them a bevy of opportunities to play and reinterpret its design.

Clothing and accessories from the likes of Alexander McQueen, Coach, Valentino, and more have been specially rendered in ravishing reds, gilded golds, and of course, plenty of daring dragon motifs to usher in the Year of the Dragon. See ahead for our picks for the most luxurious Year of the Dragon-inspired gifts to give this Lunar New Year.

Alexander McQueen

<p>Courtesy of Alexander McQueen</p>

Courtesy of Alexander McQueen

To celebrate the Year of the Dragon, British design house Alexander McQueen has designed a special new dragon flower print inspired by the antirrhinum flower—named the ‘snapdragon’ in English—in vibrant red and pink. Traditional bags and wallets have been enriched with the lucky color red.

Bottega Veneta

<p>Courtesy of Bottega Veneta</p>

Courtesy of Bottega Veneta

To celebrate the Lunar New Year's themes of unapologetic confidence, Bottega Veneta is offering accessories to enter the new year’s dawn with impeccable and dramatic flair. Take, for instance, a necklace with dragon scale shapes meticulously crafted from hand-enameled 18k gold-finished.

Brooks Brothers

<p>Courtesy of Brooks Brothers</p>

Courtesy of Brooks Brothers

This boldly embroidered dragon sweater from Brooks Brothers looks chic and serves a charitable purpose, with a portion of each purchase going to support Gold House, the leading cultural group uniting, investing in, and championing Asian Pacific creators and companies.

Brilliant Earth

<p>Courtesy of Brilliant Earth</p>

Courtesy of Brilliant Earth

Crafted to celebrate the Lunar New Year, jewelry brand Brilliant Earth’s limited-edition disc medallion showcases a glorious gold dragon surrounded by starburst diamonds, which will surely make you beam with confidence.


<p>Courtesy of Burberry</p>

Courtesy of Burberry

Burberry's Lunar New Year capsule collection focused on marrying wardrobe archetypes with vibrant red hues—the color traditionally associated with good luck and prosperity for the celebration. Classic elements like houndstooth check, Chelsea boots, and their renowned rose print feel fresh for the new year.

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<p>Courtesy of Chopard</p>

Courtesy of Chopard

Inspired by Chinese traditions, Chopard’s Urushi Year of the Dragon watch is a piece of art, skilfully decorated with lavish lacquer, shimmering gold powder, and marvelous mother-of-pearl inlays.


<p>Courtesy of Coach</p>

Courtesy of Coach

For the Lunar New Year, Coach celebrated the Year of the Dragon with a special collaboration with rising Beijing-based artist Lian Yang. Known for her use of ancient and contemporary techniques, Yang creates breathtakingly beautiful (and original) works of art.

D'usse XO

<p>Courtesy of D’USSE XO</p>

Courtesy of D’USSE XO

This special Lunar New Year collaboration with D'usse XO features custom red money envelopes designed by Humberto Leon, co-founder of Opening Ceremony and former Kenzo creative director, who pays homage to his Chinese heritage with twin dragons and the classic Chinese character for "luck" or "richness".


<p>Courtesy of Diesel</p>

Courtesy of Diesel

Diesel's illustrated tattoo-printed top cleverly merges a Chinese dragon with the Diesel logo for a daring look that can go from a Lunar New Year celebration to a club circuit with ease.


<p>Courtesy of Fendi</p>

Courtesy of Fendi

Fendi partnered with artist Hiroshi Fujiwara on a cheeky Pokémon collaboration featuring dragon-type Pokémon such as Dragonite. Emblazoned on bags and clothing by the expert hands of leather artisans, the collection further displays the brand's savoir-faire and playful side.

John Hardy

<p>Courtesy of John Hardy</p>

Courtesy of John Hardy

John Hardy’s Naga Dragon collection designed by Reed Krakoff isn't merely an accessory; rather it is a bridge between ancient mythical dragons and contemporary fashion, inviting wearers to connect with their confidence and power this Lunar New Year.

Kate Spade

<p>Courtesy of Kate Spade</p>

Courtesy of Kate Spade

You can exude the luck and prosperity of the Lunar New Year on a daily basis with this roomy, practical tote bag from Kate Spade that features a dazzling dragon and plenty of storage space.


<p>Courtesy of Loewe</p>

Courtesy of Loewe

Priced at a whopping $14,000, these hand-carved jade pendants were specially commissioned by Loewe to celebrate the prosperity and luck of the Lunar New Year.


This item will be available for special order and at Casa Loewe concept stores across Asia.

Loquet London

<p>Courtesy of Loquet London</p>

Courtesy of Loquet London

Crafted with precision and care, this dainty dragon charm from Loquet London features a gold surface polished to a high shine and is the perfect addition to your trinket collection.

Louis Vuitton

<p>Courtesy of Louis Vuitton</p>

Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Hand-crafted in yellow and white gold, this playful dragon pendant from Louis Vuitton is framed by Monogram Flower petals in fiery red lacquer bedazzled with diamonds. With its removable chain, this exquisite jewel can be worn as a brooch or displayed as a precious conversation piece.

Maison Martell

<p>Courtesy of Maison Martell</p>

Courtesy of Maison Martell

Resembling a pure drop of cognac, the brilliant Baccarat crystal decanter from Maison Martell a collector’s and connoisseur's dream, featuring a neck adorned engraved with 19-carat gold, topped with a fiercesome dragon’s head.

Maison Miru

<p>Courtesy of Maison Miru</p>

Courtesy of Maison Miru

Shop with intention this Lunar New Year by purchasing from brands that give back to their communities. Maison Miru is a chic, accessible jewelry brand that often partners with Heart of Dinner, a non-profit organization that provides hot meals for the most vulnerable Asian elderly community around Manhattan's Chinatown area.

Ming Yu Wang

<p>Courtesy of Ming Yu Wang</p>

Courtesy of Ming Yu Wang

For Lunar New Year, New York-based designer Ming Yu Wang drew inspiration from the dragons she grew up seeing around her homeland of Taipei to create a jade and pearl necklace that represents harmony and balance.


<p>Courtest of Mulberry</p>

Courtest of Mulberry

Mulberry recently collaborated with celebrated designer Mira Mikati for a Year of the Dragon capsule collection. A standout includes a colorful pastel striped button-down shirt that features an adorable dragon floating atop a pocket.


<p>Courtesy of Prada</p>

Courtesy of Prada

Bold gold jewelry is a splendid way to celebrate one's prosperity in the Lunar New Year, and Prada has a fabulous selection of options that will pair perfectly with your red attire.

Royal Salute

<p>Courtesy of Royal Salute</p>

Courtesy of Royal Salute

Featuring custom illustrations designed by Chinese-born artist Yunshu Li, each bottle of Royal Salute scotch embodies the celebratory significance of the Lunar New Year, encouraging drinkers to embrace a sense of hope and happiness into the new year.


<p>Courtesy of Sandro</p>

Courtesy of Sandro

With its crimson color and leather dragon patch, this unisex hoodie from Sandro is an effortlessly chic piece to wear while to celebrating the Lunar New Year.

Silk Laundry

<p>Courtesy of Silk Laundry</p>

Courtesy of Silk Laundry

Silk Laundry's Lunar New Year capsule stands as a stylish testament to the brand's exceptional quality, offering shoppers silken options emblazoned with dragons to capture its essence as a beacon of power, nobility, and success.


<p>Courtesy of Swarovski</p>

Courtesy of Swarovski

Swarovski encourages you to amp up your style this Lunar New Year with these ritzy Year of the Dragon earrings. Each rose gold-tone plated piece features a powerful dragon’s claw, which grasps tightly to a lucky coin-adorned pavé with clear crystals.

Tory Burch

<p>Courtesy of Tory Burch</p>

Courtesy of Tory Burch

Associated with clothing and accessories that epitomize classic American style, Tory Burch took a fun spin on their Eleanor Rectangle Bag and emblazoned it with the mythical creature in pavé crystal.

Ashley Zhang

<p>Courtesy of Ashley Zhang</p>

Courtesy of Ashley Zhang

Jewelry designer Ashley Zhang used natural and undyed jade cabochons to highlight the craftsmanship of her simple, modern 14K gold bracelets that are the perfect layering option to incorporate into your current collection.

Anita Ko

<p>Courtesy of Anita Ko</p>

Courtesy of Anita Ko

The luxury jewelry brand Anita Ko encourages one to wear an astonishing 18k gold hand-engraved dragon talisman bedecked with diamonds to ward off negative energy and attract good fortune during the Lunar New Year.

Vacheron Constantin

<p>Courtesy of Vacheron Constantin</p>

Courtesy of Vacheron Constantin

Brought to life by Vacheron Constantin's master engravers, their The Legend of the Chinese Zodiac timepieces are limited edition works of art. The brand showcases their brilliant craftsmanship is showcased Offered in 22K pink and white gold option.

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