14 Mind-Boggling Photos Of Infuriating Things That'll Make You Feel A Powerful Secondhand Rage

I don't feel like ruminating over the different things that piss me off in my own life today, so I'm gonna shift my focus to other people instead. Here are 14 people from r/mildlyinfuriating who are probably feeling more angry than you right now:

1."My boyfriend’s mom regifted me this blanket for Christmas that I had recently gifted her for her birthday."

An oversize luxury velvet throw
u/Cloud_________ / Via

2."The neighbors installed this to stop trucks from entering our residential area. Firetrucks and ambulances will not be able to go through, either."

A low gate
u/sam-sung / Via

3."My gag charcuterie board is a little smaller than pictured 😔."

A phallic charcuterie board
u/gregbraaa / Via

4."My roommate always pays rent in $1 bills."

$200 in $1 bills
u/Derna_A_River / Via

5."This bathroom mirror in my hotel room."

They're cut off by the mirror because they're too short
u/kellyhitchcock / Via

6."Showing up late to a planned dinner."

Person is two and a half hours late for a dinner because they got talking to other people
u/Richersonrealty / Via

7."My TA forgot to remove the part of the email where the professor mocked my question before responding."

The forwarded email begins with "Look at this — LOL"
u/pumpkinppie / Via

8."These appeared in the shared toilets I have to use every day…"

A floral fabric toilet seat cover
u/KaijuicyWizard / Via

9."Rear-facing blinding lights are now a thing?"

A car on the highway with two bright lights on the back of it
u/smarty_skirts / Via

10."My renewed credit card came with an embarrassingly easy-to-guess security code. I sent for another one immediately."

Their security code was 001
u/AndrewJamesMD / Via

11."My coworkers used my mug as a pen holder in my absence."

A mug with lots of ink marks at the bottom and sides
u/Calligaster / Via

12."My meeting is 1.5 hours."

Parking time options: 1, 3, or 5 hours
u/happy_tr33 / Via

13."Someone pissed (I think) in the bed of the room I got checked into at a hotel chain."

A huge wet spot on a sheet
u/Altruistic_Angle4343 / Via

14.And finally: "Put your children up for adoption"?!

Person matches with someone on a dating app, and their first comment is, "Would you be willing to put. your children up for adoption? I want to date someone without kids"
u/Kayartistar / Via