13 Of The Most "What In The Sam Hill Possessed You To Do This" Moments The Internet Has Ever Seen

1.Who photoshopped these thumb feet and why? I hate you.

A person's feet photoshopped to look like large toes
u/VesapBanana / Via

2.Whoever told bearded people to "look straight up" needs to be destroyed.

A person looking up, showcasing their beard

3.Like, truly, I don't ever want to see a bearded man do something like this again.

A man lying down with his head raised, showing his beard and neck underneath


A man wearing a red shirt, with the camera focused on his beard and hairy neck, omitting the face

5.These baked beans oozing out of a Croc are literally a nightmare.

A porous shoe filled with beans coming through the holes and spilled sauce on a paper towel
u/DecMac360 / Via

6.I despise whoever taught this person the below trick.

Close-up of a human ear folded into itself
u/OreoOutOfMilk / Via

7.This turtle coming out of the wall gives me the heebie-jeebies...

A tortoise is poking its head and front leg through a hole it made in a wall

8....but tbh, not as much as this thing does.

Taxidermy of a creature resembling a rabbit with sharp teeth mounted on a wall
u/[deleted] / Via

9.This splinter under a fingernail is making me queasy.

Close-up of a finger with a huge splinter extending under the nail and out of it

10.These eyelashes that got ripped out are making my eyeballs hurt.

Hand holding an eyelash curler with eyelashes in it

11.This keyboard that hasn't been cleaned in three years should be burned immediately.

A very dirty computer keyboard with missing keys
u/JNXVII / Via

12.And this poo on a shoe isn't that bad...

Foot stepping into feces, covering the bottom of the shoe

13....but this baby poo down the back is.

A shirtless man carries a child on his back at a beach; the child's poo runs down the man's back, and his head is covered by a huge "sick" emoji

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