15 Beef Stew Recipes To Make All Winter Long

A good beef stew hits the spot like nothing else during the chilly months of the year.

<p>Simply Recipes / Mihaela Kozaric Sebrek</p>

Simply Recipes / Mihaela Kozaric Sebrek

You can keep your steak. If there's a choice, I'll take beef stew over even the finest filet mignon. There's the succulent meat, the rich stewing liquid to douse big piles of mashed potatoes or rice or polenta. Leftovers are always better the next day. It feeds a crowd. It warms the soul.

There are hundreds of ways to stew beef, but the basic concept remains the same. Take a tough cut of meat, add aromatics, and simmer it in a flavorful liquid until tender. Any cuisine that consumes beef has its own spin, from Mexican carne picada to Filipino nilagang baka. Plus slow cooker stews aplenty. If your beef stew rotation is in a rut, try any one of these recipes to liven things up.

Easy Beef Stew

<p>Simply Recipes / Mike Lang</p>

Simply Recipes / Mike Lang

What makes this beef stew easy? You streamline the process by tossing the meat in the pot as you chop the remaining ingredients. Everything still tastes rich and flavorful despite not browning ingredients first.

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Nilagang Baka (Filipino Beef Stew)

<p>Simply Recipes / Shilpa Iyer</p>

Simply Recipes / Shilpa Iyer

What's the secret to this stew's distinctive flavor? Fish sauce. Serve it with plenty of white rice.

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Jamaican Beef Stew

<p>Simply Recipes / Kalisa Marie Martin</p>

Simply Recipes / Kalisa Marie Martin

Ginger, allspice, and a whisper of fiery Scotch bonnet peppers set this stew apart. Traditionally Jamaican beef stew has sweet and dark browning sauce for color, but here the sugar in the marinade caramelizes as the beef browns, lending color and flavor.

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Irish Beef Stew

Irish Beef Stew
Irish Beef Stew

Traditional Irish beef stew was a humble affair. This version uses some unorthodox additions―red wine and garlic―along with Guinness for a ton of flavor. It's a longtime reader favorite recipe.

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Instant Pot Irish Beef Stew

Instant Pot Guinness Beef Stew
Instant Pot Guinness Beef Stew

Irish stew would typically have been made with mutton, but in the States where lamb and mutton are in short order, we turn to beef. Speed it all up in an Instant Pot.

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Oxtail Stew

<p>Simply Recipes / Mihaela Kozaric Sebrek</p>

Simply Recipes / Mihaela Kozaric Sebrek

Whenever you can find oxtails, snatch them up to make this memorable stew with a rich and full-bodied braising liquid.

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Carne Picada

<p>Simply Recipes / Ciara Kehoe</p>

Simply Recipes / Ciara Kehoe

Carne picada is a Mexican braised beef that's equally at home with tortillas, as a taco filling, or as a straight-up stew with Spanish rice.

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Slow Cooker Bourbon Short Ribs

Nick Evans
Nick Evans

Think of the cheesy grits as creamy polenta. The slow cooker renders the short ribs meltingly tender.

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Slow Cooker Beef Stew

<p>Simply Recipes / Nick Evans</p>

Simply Recipes / Nick Evans

Set it and forget it in the slow cooker so you can come home from a long, hard day to the aroma of beef stew filling your kitchen.

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Slow Cooker Guinness Beef Stew

Elise Bauer
Elise Bauer

Potatoes, carrots, celery root, and parsnips give this Guinness stew a flavorful broth. Once it's in the crockpot, the stew is ready after four hours on high or eight hours on low.

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Carbonnade Flamande

Elise Bauer
Elise Bauer

Belgian ale adds an inimitable flavor to this traditional Flemish stew. Serve with mashed potatoes.

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Short Rib Stew With Ale

Elise Bauer
Elise Bauer

Use a bottle of malty brown ale, such as Newcastle, for this rich stew.

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Beef and Barley Stew With Mushrooms

Elise Bauer, Lisa Lin, and Sally Vargas
Elise Bauer, Lisa Lin, and Sally Vargas

Beef, barley, and mushrooms are such a hearty trio. Beef and barley soup inspired this stewy version.

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Beef Goulash With Dumplings

Elise Bauer
Elise Bauer

Tons of paprika gives this Hungarian stew its characteristic orange-red hue. As it simmers, top it with tender dumplings for a one-pot meal.

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Beef Bourguignon

<p>Laura Heller</p>

Laura Heller

Here's Elise Bauer's version of Julia Child's Burgandy beef stew with bacon, mushrooms, and pearl onions. And a silky Pinot Noir, of course.

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