40 of our favourite festive cookies to make for Christmas

best christmas biscuits and cookies
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What better way to get in the festive spirit than baking some Christmas biscuits? Our selection of Christmas cookie recipes are the perfect thing to bake in the run up to Christmas Day and a great activity to try with kids, friends, or by yourself while listening to some festive music.

We love Christmas biscuits that double up as decorations – whether that’s a Winter Wonderland gingerbread house or an iced gingerbread Christmas wreath – nothing beats the scent of freshly-baked gingerbread filling the kitchen.

Baking Christmas biscuits doesn't have to be complicated. Our traditional gingerbread recipe delivers perfect biscuits everytime. So much so, we recommend making a double batch to avoid them disappearing too quickly!

Fancy a boozier bake? Why not try our eggnog cookies, which taste just like the classic festive cocktail. These stollen crinkle biscuits are a must-try for any fans of the traditional German Christmas bread.

Christmas baking is a great activity to occupy kids over the holidays. We love this recipe for Christmas spritz biscuits, which look just like mini Christmas trees and make a wonderful gift for friends and family this festive season. It’s easy for kids to pipe out the shape of these biscuits and if they look a little messy, just cover with extra sprinkles!

Read on for our all-time favourite Christmas biscuit and cookie recipes for 2023.

Frosted Sugar Cookie Wreaths

This recipe makes plenty of crisp cookies, ideal for gifting in boxes or cellophane bags (or storing and enjoying, as they keep brilliantly). Once iced, you can decorate with herbs or sugar sprinkles, or keep them plain.

Recipe: Frosted Sugar Cookie Wreaths

frosted orange sugar cookie wreaths
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Pepparkakor Village

Nothing says Christmas quite like the smell of gingerbread baking, and this classic Swedish variety lasts well and has a great characteristic snap. You can, of course, use the dough to make simple gingerbread people, rather than designing a hanging garland, or just add 1 hole to string up individually.

Recipe: Pepparkakor Village

best gingerbread recipes
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Sugar Cookie Wreaths

A crisp and buttery biscuit that will hold its shape once baked – ideal for stamping out all sorts of shapes and getting creative with the icing.

Recipe: Sugar Cookie Wreaths

sugar cookies
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Mulled Wine Jammy Dodgers

Teatime just got a whole lot more exciting with these boozy festive biscuits – for adults only! Use any shaped cutter you have to hand for the decoration in the middle.

Recipe: Mulled Wine Jammy Dodgers

a plate of cookies
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These traditional Italian chewy almond cookies also happen to be gluten-free and make a beautiful festive gift (that’s if you can bare to part with them!).

Recipe: Ricciarelli

Alex Luck - Hearst Owned

Cranberry and Orange Shortbread

We’ve rolled these biscuits in demerara sugar for extra crunch and prettiness.

Recipe: Cranberry and Orange Shortbread

cranberry and orange shortbread
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Double Chocolate and Chestnut Sandwich Biscuits

Chestnut purée adds a wonderful, sweet nuttiness to these rich and tender biscuits. If you aren’t a fan, you can sandwich your biscuits together with buttercream instead.

Recipe: Double Chocolate and Chestnut Sandwich Biscuits

double chocolate and chestnut sandwich biscuits
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Malted Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies

Keep a stash of the unbaked cookies in the freezer, so you’ve always got a sweet treat on hand for unexpected guests

Recipe: Malted Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies

malted milk chocolate chip cookies
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Hazelnut Jam Thumbprints

These easy gluten-free morsels are devilishly moreish. Use your favourite jam to flavour the centres.

Recipe: Hazelnut Jam Thumbprints

hazelnut jam thumbprints
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Double Ginger Biscuits

Fiery ground ginger meets smooth and sweet white chocolate. The question is, to dunk or not?

Recipe: Double Ginger Biscuits

double ginger biscuits
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These festive Spanish shortbread cookies are traditionally made with pork fat, but we’ve given the option to use butter for a vegetarian option.

Recipe: Polvorones

best christmas biscuit recipes polvorones
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Five-ingredient amaretti biscuits

A classic Italian biscuit, amaretti biscuits are the perfect after dinner treat at Christmas. Especially when served with espresso or a glass of our Christmas pudding vodka.

Recipe: Five-ingredient amaretti biscuits

best christmas biscuit recipes five ingredient amaretti biscuits
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Tiramisu Biscuits

These coffee and chocolate flavoured biscuits make the perfect festive gift, simply store in an airtight biscuit tin and tie with ribbon.

Recipe: Tiramisu Biscuits

tiramisu biscuits
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Gingerbread Advent Mobile

The perfect Christmas baking project for kids, this gingerbread biscuit advent calendar is in mobile form - but they make great Christmas tree decorations too.

Recipe: Gingerbread Advent Mobile

best gingerbread recipes gingerbread advent mobile
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Stollen Crinkle Biscuits

Nothing evokes Christmas quite like the flavours of stollen, so we’ve reimagined them in crinkle cookie form. You can leave out the brandy, if you prefer, or soak the fruit in apple juice instead.

Recipe: Stollen Crinkle Biscuits

best christmas biscuit recipes stollen crinkle biscuits
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Santa's washing line

Even Santa can’t escape the weekly wash! These washing line Christmas biscuits are a perfect Secret Santa gift or an alternative Christmas decoration for your home.

Recipe: Santa's washing line

best christmas biscuit recipes santa's washing line biscuits
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Christmas sugar cookies

Whether hung on your tree, packaged as a beautiful gift, or enjoyed as a teatime treat, this is a Christmas cookie recipe you'll want to repeat year after year.

Recipe: Christmas Bauble Hanging Biscuits

best christmas biscuit recipes christmas bauble hanging biscuits
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Chocolate Chip Cookie Pizza

This giant Christmas cookie also makes for a fun pudding served warm in slices topped with vanilla ice cream.

Recipe: Chocolate Chip Cookie Pizza

best christmas biscuit recipes giant cookies recipe
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German Christmas biscuits (Zimsterne)

These chewy gluten-free Christmas biscuits are a staple of the German Christmas markets and fill your kitchen with nostalgic aromas. If you can find them, use ready-ground hazelnuts.

Recipe: Zimsterne

best christmas biscuit recipes zimtsterne biscuits
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Eggnog Cookies

All the flavours of the festive drink in a chewy, American-style Christmas cookie. Yum!

Recipe: Eggnog Cookies

best homemade christmas gifts eggnog cookies
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Lacy, crisp and full of fruit and nuts, these chewy Christmas florentines are fun to make and a joy to eat.

Recipe: Florentines

best christmas biscuit recipes florentines
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Sour Cherry and White Chocolate Garibaldi

We’ve given the classic currant biscuit a festive twist with sour cherries and sweet white chocolate.

Recipe: Sour Cherry and White Chocolate Garibaldi

best christmas biscuit and cookie recipes
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Chocolate Shortbread Trees

Kids will love making, decorating (and, of course, eating!) these easy chocolate shortbread trees.

Recipe: Chocolate Shortbread Trees

best christmas biscuit recipes chocolate shortbread trees
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Salted chocolate cookies

These gluten-free dark chocolate cookies are made even better with a sprinkling of sea salt to cut through the sweetness. Dunk in a mug of creamy hot chocolate for the ultimate indulgence.

Recipe: Salted chocolate cookies

best biscuit and cookie recipe salted chocolate cookies
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Giant Iced Gems

We’ve given these much-loved biscuits a giant makeover! Try sprinkling with glitter or using Christmassy colours for added festive flair.

Recipe: Giant Iced Gems

best christmas biscuit recipes giant iced gems
Oscar Hather - Hearst Owned

Christmas tree biscuits

These piped beauties (‘spritz’ means to squirt or spray in German) are much easier to make than they appear! We love making a double batch to give to loved ones.

Recipe: Chritmas spritz cookies

best christmas biscuit recipes christmas spritz cookies
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Lemon and cranberry shortbreads

Made in a food processor, these cranberry-studded shortbread fingers are easy to make and wonderful with a cup of Christmas tea.

Recipe: Lemon and cranberry shortbreads

best christmas biscuit recipes lemon and cranberry shortbreads
Lemon and cranberry shortbreads

Gingerbread wreath

Classsic swedish gingerbread with a characteristic snap. This recipe makes two wreaths, one to give and one to keep.

Recipe: Gingerbread wreath

best christmas biscuit recipes gingerbread wreath
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Crescent moon biscuits

These Austrian biscuits are extremely popular at Christmas and make delightful gifts.

Recipe: Crescent moon biscuits

best christmas biscuit recipes crescent moon biscuits
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Peppermint spirals

These fun biscuits are sure to raise a smile. If you don’t like peppermint flavour, just leave it out, or replace with almond essence instead.

Recipe: Peppermint spirals

best christmas biscuit recipes peppermint spirals
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Speculaas cookie sandwiches

These Dutch-inspired spiced cookies are sandwiched together with a rich orange, cinnamon and nutmeg-infused ganache. Try stopping at one!

Recipe: Speculaas cookie sandwiches

best christmas biscuit recipes speculaas cookie sandwiches
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Pecan and cranberry freezer cookies

These cookies can be cooked from frozen, convenient to keep on hand for unexpected guests over the festive period (or for Christmas movie marathons!).

Recipe: Pecan and cranberry freezer cookies

best christmas biscuit recipes pecan and cranberry freezer cookies
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Red velvet biscuits

A take on the ever-popular cake and reminiscent of Bourbon biscuits in festive snowflake shapes. Need we say more?

Recipe: Red velvet snowflake biscuits

best christmas biscuit recipes red velvet biscuits
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Stained glass biscuits

A box of these pretty stained glass star biscuits threaded with ribbon look great on your Christmas tree or mantlepiece.

Recipe: Stained glass biscuits

best christmas biscuit recipes stained glass biscuits
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Spiced advent biscuits

These biscuits are inspired by traditional German lebkuchen, and can be decorated with bright colours or simple white icing.

Recipe: Spiced advent biscuits

best christmas biscuit recipes spiced advent biscuits
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Chocolate and nuts biscotti

These tasty Italian biscuits are perfect for a special occasion.

Recipe: Chocolate and nut biscotti

best homemade christmas gifts choc and nut biscotti
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Best gingerbead biscuit recipe

There's nothing quite as lovely as the smell of gingerbread filling your kitchen. These simple gingerbread biscuits not only taste amazing, but are easy enough for little ones to help with, too.

Recipe: The only gingerbead recipe you'll ever need

best christmas biscuit recipes gingerbead recipe
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Gingerbread house

Follow our recipe to create your very own Winter Wonderland gingerbread house, a great activity to do with the kids with Christmas carols on the radio.

Recipe: Gingerbread house

best christmas biscuit recipes gingerbread house
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Snowy biscuit lodge

We've put together a handy printable guide with instructions on how to make and decorate a charming biscuit house - perfect for giving as a Christmas present or making with kids to keep them occupied. We've even included a template, so cutting out the biscuit pieces is child's play!

Recipe: Snowy biscuit lodge

best christmas biscuit recipes snowy biscuit lodge
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Spiced sultana and lemon cookies

Try this cookie recipe for American-style soft sultana and lemon cookies. They're quick to make and great to have with a warm cup of tea.

Recipe: Spiced sultana and lemon cookies

best christmas biscuit recipes spiced sultana and lemon cookies
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The ultimate biscuit mix

This DIY biscuit mix makes a thoughtful homemade gift for keen bakers this Christmas.

Recipe: Ultimate biscuit mix recipe.

best christmas biscuit recipes the ultimate christmas biscuit mix
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Vanilla and almond Vanillekipferl

These Austrian biscuits are extremely popular at Christmas and make delightful gifts.

Recipe: Vanilla and almond Vanillekipferl recipe

best christmas biscuit recipes vanilla and almond vanillekipferl
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Vanilla cookies

Keep it simple with this crowd-pleasing vanilla cookie recipe. Your bakes can be stored and enjoyed throughout the week – if they last that long, that is.

Recipe: Vanilla cookies

best christmas biscuit recipes vanilla cookies
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