The 15 Most Instagrammable Spots In Provo, Utah

Suzy Strutner
The 15 Most Instagrammable Spots In Provo, Utah

Travelers may automatically think of Salt Lake City when considering a visit to Utah. However, if spectacular scenery, cozy eateries and rich history are your travel goals, then Provo deserves a spot on your itinerary, too. Set in the verdant Utah valley, the Provo area was home to the indigenous Ute tribe before the arrival of Mormon leaders who chose the spot for their first colony beyond Salt Lake. Now, the city is known for Brigham Young University, a proximity to the mountains of Sundance Resort and the careful preservation of many local historic sites.

It turns out this place is pretty photogenic, too. We took to Instagram for a tour of the most photo-worthy spots in and around Provo. Take a look!

Big Springs Park

Use this  mountain park's hiking trails and bike paths to get a closer look at Provo's gorgeous natural surroundings. In the fall, Big Springs' changing leaves pop on camera.

Brigham Young University Museum of Art

The whole of BYU's campus is beautiful, but the university's art museum is an obvious spot to capture in photos. Ten exhibition galleries display treasures of all artistic styles.

Rugged Grounds

You'll find this self-described " community coffeehouse" inside The Boxcar, a collective of artist studios downtown. Try an iced mocha, and admire the rustic ambiance.

Provo Canyon

Take a drive along this canyon's scenic byway for dazzling views and hiking opportunities. Better yet,  skateboard down a designated trail for an epic photo.

Petroliana Museum

Check out this collection of old road signs, gas pumps, cars and other auto memorabilia, which is housed at a working storage facility. A mountain backdrop makes for the perfect pic.

Black Sheep Cafe

Native American cuisine influences the menu at this family-run spot. From burgers to tacos to egg-topped fries, pretty much  everything is Instagrammable.

Bridal Veil Falls

Along the Provo Canyon Scenic Byway, you'll find this glorious 607-foot waterfall. No matter your photo skills, it's guaranteed to provide a good shot. 

Provo City Center Temple

This temple of the Church of Latter-Day Saints is a major landmark in Provo. While non-members can't go inside, visitors say the grounds make a beautiful place to walk, explore and admire the architecture.

Provo Bakery

Seasonal goodies and creative custom donuts are the name of the game at this longtime local fave. The bakery's  cutesy interior is a sweet photo spot.

Provo Beach

Provo may lack oceanfront coastline, but the indoor wave machine at Provo Beach is a solid substitute. This  family fun facility has a photo-worthy  retro ice cream shop, too.


Local artisans sell gifts and home goods at Here, a community space which hosts regular crafting nights and art workshops. Beyond the shop's quaint exterior, you'll find an abundance of photographable trinkets.

Station 22 Cafe

" The flavors of Grandma's house" reign supreme at Station 22, according to founder Richard Gregory. The  chicken and waffles are especially photogenic.

Sundance Mountain Resort

In the '70s, film icon  Robert Redford developed this stunning swath of land about 15 miles from Provo proper, now known for its eponymous institute and film festBook a zip line tour, and see the place from above.

BYU Museum of Paleontology

You can watch students and researchers work in the fossil lab at BYU's on-campus dinosaur museum. Thankfully, the resident T.rex isn't camera shy.

Fruta Crush

This Mexican snack shop dishes out classic cultural treats like flan, churros and cheese-coated corn.  Their colorful drinks -- including one served inside a pineapple -- will brighten up your followers' feeds. Cheers to Provo!

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