15 years after its still-unreleased sequel was announced, the original Beyond Good & Evil is getting re-released

 Beyond Good And Evil
Beyond Good And Evil

Beyond Good & Evil is getting a brand new anniversary edition, according to a leaked rating.

Earlier today on August 31, Gematsu reported that the ESBR, the ratings board for North America, had listed a 'Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition' for release. The new re-release is apparently coming to PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch, according to the new listing.

Beyond Good & Evil first launched all the way back on November 11, 2003. Ubisoft's original game should release right around the 20th anniversary later this year, then, although November 11 in 2023 lands on a Saturday, so perhaps the re-release will arrive the day before on Friday, November 10.

Sadly, there's still no sign of the long-awaited Beyond Good & Evil 2 on the horizon. This means that, assuming Ubisoft doesn't suddenly drop a new trailer for the waylaid sequel before November this year, we'll have another edition of Beyond Good & Evil to play before its sequel even has a third trailer to its name.

Technically, Beyond Good & Evil 2 was first teased by Ubisoft back in 2008. The actual status of the sequel was then unclear until 2017, when Ubisoft officially revealed the game as a prequel to the original at its E3 showcase with a debut trailer. It turns out the new game was originally meant to be a sequel, but changed course to a prequel at some point between 2008 and 2017.

That's all to say that Beyond Good & Evil 2 has been missing in action since 2018, when another E3 trailer dropped. Hell, just last year Beyond Good & Evil 2 broke the record for the longest game in development, which up until then had been held by Duke Nukem Forever at 15 years. If you're longing for Ubisoft's prequel, perhaps this re-release will make the wait a little less painful.

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