17 Unbelievably Sized Fruits And Veggies That Defy All Expectations

1.This cabbage that's too cab-big for this world:

a giant cabbage
u/mosesmoorhouse / Via

2.These carrots that are just as big as Bugs Bunny himself:

giant carrots
u/hzw8813 / Via

3.This garlic clove that I can practically smell from here:

A giant garlic clove
u/PoziTony / Via

4.This corn so tall, I'd consider it pretty a-maize-ing:

  u/AlexIsSociallyInept / Via
u/AlexIsSociallyInept / Via

5.This pumpkin, which weighs over 2,000 pounds and is the right size and weight for an actual carriage to be made out of it:

a giant pumpkin
Nurphoto / NurPhoto via Getty Images

6.This parsnip, which I'm pretty sure is the size of a throwing spear:

a giant parsnip
u/_westlet / Via

7.These two asparagus, which are quite frankly, preposterously long:

large asparagus
u/taylorchastain / Via

8.This potato which goes much further than normal potatoes dare:

a giant potato
u/minimalistdesign / Via

9.This onion, which weighed over 15 pounds! Seriously, think of the gigantic Bloomin' Onion this could've made:

a man holding a giant onion
Oli Scarff / AFP via Getty Images

10.This 350-lb. watermelon that actually smashed a world record:

People next to a giant watermelon
Bat Cave Nate / Via

11.This zucchini so long, I actually thought it was a snake at first:

a man holding a long zucchini
u/Tess_Tickle8 / Via

12.This lemon, which may very well be enough for a whole summer's worth of lemonade:

a giant lemon
u/theemmyk / Via

13.This banana that looks like it could be used as a weapon:

a giant banana
u/Kasvnova / Via

14.This grapefruit, which is currently the world record holder for largest grapefruit, and measures over 28 inches around:

a man holding a large grapefruit
Guinness World Records / Via

15.This beetroot which is over 23.5 feet long:

16.These puffball mushrooms, which I think are all you need for a few gallons of mushroom bisque:

giant mushrooms
u/Majesty1985 / Via

17.Finally, this leek, which has prompted me to spend the past 15 minutes coming up with some sort of "take a leek" pun, but I can't think of anything. If you can think of a "take a leek" pun, please share in the comments below:

a man holding a giant leek
Giant Veg / Via