17 guinea pigs found abandoned in thermal food bags, 1 dead: SPCA

Another heartless case of animal abandonment was brought up by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or SPCA, today.

SPCA said they found 17 guinea pigs in two thermal food bags (one of which was a Grab Food delivery bag) dumped on the side of an undisclosed road recently.

“I went to check the bags because I saw something furry. I was shocked to see a guinea pig’s face staring back at me!” SPCA quoted the caller as saying.

The rodents were left without food and water under the sweltering heat and pouring rain.

SPCA’s officer found one of them dead with a swarm of flies surrounding it. Two more guinea pigs were found the following day.

“The guinea pigs had been abandoned without any provisions, putting them at risk of traffic accidents, wild animal attacks, and exposure to harsh weather conditions,” SPCA said.

SPCA urged the public to rehome their pets if they are unable to take care of them.

“We are incredibly saddened and disturbed by this incident. If you are unable to care for your pets because of personal reasons, it is your responsibility to find them safe homes,” SPCA added.

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