23 healthy batch cook recipes you can freeze

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Now that you've got a bit more time on your hands at home, and are probably making your own lunch far more regularly than before, batch cooking could be a good option. Not only can you make a large amount all at once, and then freeze a proportion of it for later down the line, but you can also use it to feed you for the whole week.

If you're new to meal prepping, there are some things you should know before you start churning out lunches to boot. Namely, that you need to prep before you start meal prepping, your container choice is important depending on what you're making, and variety is key for making sure you don't get bored.

Yep, we're trying to avoid a last minute Deliveroo because you can't bear the sight of another tuna sandwich - because while batch cooking is GREAT for saving time and money, you don't want things to get boring.

Now, without further ado: 23 healthy batch cook recipes coming right up.

Healthy lunch ideas - Red lentil chili

This plant-based recipe is not only perfect for those doing Veganuary, but is also made in a slow cooker - which means you can just bung all the ingredients in for a few hours while you get on with other things. Top with avocado for an added layer of flavour.

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Healthy lunch ideas - Black bean salad

This black bean salad combines carbs from the quinoa with protein from the black beans and a lot of vegetables, making it an ideal balanced option. Plus, you can make it in bulk and dress it on the day, so it still feels fresh.Get the recipe

Healthy lunch ideas - Chicken and rice soup

You might assume soup isn't filling enough to make your packed lunch, but this recipe combines chicken and rice with stock to make sure you're getting your protein and carb hit.

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Healthy lunch ideas - Vegetarian fried rice

Combine carrots, peppers and green beans with rice and spices for this quick and easy packed lunch idea, which can be eaten cold or heated up in a microwave. Just don't forget extra soy sauce!

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Healthy lunch ideas - Roasted sweet potato, quinoa and black bean salad

Once you've roasted your sweet potato and cooked your quinoa, this recipe is easy peasy to throw together, and has all the good stuff you need to see you through your afternoon meetings.

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Healthy lunch ideas - Potato skins with smoky chickpeas

Healthy lunches for work are sorted with this posh jacket potato recipe, which is inspired by the greasy spoon cafe classic.

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Healthy lunch ideas - Coconut chickpea curry

A chickpea and coconut milk curry is surprisingly easy to make, and will see you through the week if you make a batch specifically for lunch.

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Healthy lunch ideas - Curry chicken salad

If you prefer a cold lunch, this chicken salad with dipping crackers offers protein, carbs and vegetables in equal measure.

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Healthy lunch ideas - Vegetable gratin

Roast root vegetables with a tomato base and top with breadcrumbs for a crunchy and healthy top.

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Healthy lunch ideas - Pizza wrap

Anything that promises to be healthy ~and~ has pizza in the title? We're sold. These wraps could combine wholemeal wraps with high quality meat and low fat cheese, giving you a balance of carbs, protein and fat.

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Healthy lunch ideas - Chicken salad with steamed green beans, roasted potatoes, crackers and fruit

Despite the recipe sounding painfully healthy, the photo looks delicious, and we're keen to get involved with those roast potatoes.

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Healthy lunch ideas - Shawarma chicken bowl with basil and lemon vinaigrette

This bowl of goodness looks SO delicious and really easy to put together, combining ripe avocados with grilled chicken.

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Healthy lunch ideas - Pepperoni panzanella

What were we saying about extra bread? A salad with extra carb is sure to keep you full all afternoon while still being a healthy choice.

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Healthy lunch ideas - Broccoli and pesto pasta

This is such a classic healthy packed lunch idea, isn't it? Combine some of your daily greens with a wholmeal carb and some fruit snacks.

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Healthy lunch ideas - Chicken and avocado pitta

Like a Nando's, only cheaper, healthier, and sure to keep you feeling satisfied.

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Healthy lunch ideas - Courgetti salad with avocado and pesto.

Double points for the amount of greens you're hiding in your lunch.

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Healthy lunch ideas - Falafel salad with citrus tahini dressing

Homemade falafels are a winner because they taste better than in the kebab house and are even healthier.

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Healthy lunch ideas - Fajita quesadillas

Roasted peppers + black beans + cheese and wholemeal wrap = Come to mumma.

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Healthy lunch ideas - Mushroom and broccoli stir fry

How FRESH does this look? Great for batch cooking and having throughout the week, adding a squeeze of lime and some herbs each day to keep things exciting.

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Healthy lunch ideas - Easy burrito bowls

OK so we're going to need this recipe pinned to our fridge immediately. Combine all of your fave ingredients from a burrito with extra greens and less carbs for a super healthy packed lunch.

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Healthy lunch ideas - Courgetti with tomatoes, artichokes, olives and feta

Can we have this every day? Like a Greek salad with added courgetti, this recipe can be eaten hot or cold at work

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Packed lunch ideas - Chicken and vegetable bowls

Who said batch cooking healthy packed lunches had to be boring?

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Packed lunch ideas - 5-ingredient pasta salad

With only five ingredients, even the laziest of batch-cookers can put this together - and how appetising does that rocket look?

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Consider your healthy packed lunch ideas sorted for the rest of the year. Choosing recipes you can batch cook and freeze is also a good option for lunches to take into work, because it means you can make a lot at once without worrying you'll get bored of it. How about a delicious vegetable stew? Chilli? Even smoothies!

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