17 People Who Had A Moment Of Forgetfulness That Ruined Their Whole Freaking Week

1.This person who forgot to take the glass off the stove before cooking in a rented RV:

broken glass on a stove top
u/Cultural_Lock_1810 / Via

2.This person who forgot to put on their parking breaks:

car crashing into a fence and hitting parked cars
u/PenguinPush / Via

3.This person who forgot to take cans of soda out of the car overnight while it was -16 degrees Fahrenheit:

exploded frozen pepsi in a car
u/OneEyedWilson / Via

4.This person who forgot to put the guard on the trimmer before giving themself a haircut:

person with longer hair now has a buzzcut down the middle
u/BipedalSnake / Via

5.This person who forgot their house and car keys in the mailbox:

keys hanging from the mailbox
u/mavelol123 / Via

6.These painters who forgot to put plastic on the ground to cover it:

wood floors covered in paint
u/JosephKirwan / Via

7.This person who forgot that their laptop was in the outside pocket of the bag they had checked at airport:

smashed laptop
u/sempiternal24 / Via

8.This person who forgot their headphones on the floor before they had their Roomba clean the area:

tangled and twisted wired earphones
u/Shiby92 / Via

9.This person who forgot to check their underwear before putting them on:

a scorpion on their underwear
u/animasci_ / Via

10.This person who forgot to take their air horn off their car's dashboard on a sunny day:

exploded can that has smashed the window
u/mrstoness / Via

11.This person who forgot to check for paper before they...started business:

no toilet paper in the stall
u/jjayyou / Via

12.This person who forgot to add water to the pot while steaming veggies:

burned stove top
u/JasonThaRed / Via

13.This person who forgot to take their remote off the heaters while they were cleaning:

melted remotes
u/anonymous / Via

14.This person who forgot to put sunscreen on:

burned legs with tan lines at the feet
u/Tekki / Via

15.This person who forgot to pack a whole piece of chicken in this frozen dinner:

no chicken in the frozen meal
u/snowyowl14_ / Via

16.These bar staffers who forgot to cover the pool table on a Friday night:

drinks spilled all over the pool table
u/Infinite-Set-2590 / Via

17.And lastly, this person who forgot to put their AirPods IN the case before they left home for a six-hour flight:

empty case
u/Toastwich / Via