17 Pictures From Trail Cams That Nature Just Didn't Want Us To See

1.Trail cams are WILD, and they catch some pretty weird stuff considering most models will either take a photo any time they sense movement or just snap photos every five minutes. So here, without ado are 17 trail cam pictures that kind of make me just want to stay inside.

eagle and wolf fighting

Also, did you know bald eagles were this big??? I didn't.

u/Enzo_Gorlahh_mi / Via

2.I'm going to start off with a silly one because it just gets creepier from here. This acrobatics act that is trying to get into a hanging feeder:

night cam vision of raccoons
u/Randomized007 / Via

3.This trail cam photo that is the only evidence I need to never go outside again:

a creepy image of a person in the woods
u/Venus-Veneris / Via

4.This spooky apparition that the deer on this trail cam is paying absolutely zero mind to:

floating light above a deer who is eating
u/phaseblade01 / Via

5.These two somethings from a Yosemite trail cam, that, yeah, look like Fresno nightcrawlers:

  u/rocketman_28 / Via
u/rocketman_28 / Via

6.This haunting figure in front of a trail cam on "old farmland" that looks like it's POSING for the camera:

blurry image of a child in the woods
u/Outrageous-Sector-67 / Via

7.This one on a hunting trail cam that looks like a sad skeleton. Seriously, WHAT IS THAT???

a skeleton figure in the woods
u/Life-Hacking / Via

8.This photo, which has actually gotten creepier the longer I look at it because I can't make out its shape. I feel like while I'm staring at it, it's going to turn and beady white eyes will pierce my soul:

looks like someone is peering behind a tree
u/Attention_Fast / Via

9.This thing riding a boar that 100% looks like an owl with legs wearing stilettos. It sounds silly, but tell me you wouldn't run away if an owl with legs wearing stilettos was flying toward you:

  u/hunter_williams_ / Via
u/hunter_williams_ / Via

10.This picture from a trail cam which I cam only describe as an enchanted and mysteriously vanishing tube sock:

  u/Livid-Wing3957 / Via
u/Livid-Wing3957 / Via

11.This incredibly scary photo of an old Victorian ghost caught on a trail cam in Oklahoma:

woman walking in a long dress in the middle of a field
u/barl31 / Via

12.This trail cam photo of the scariest phrase I've heard today: "tree people."

looks like the tree trunks could be people
u/adrn916 / Via

13.This photo that was taken right before the trail cam got ripped down:

looks like a closeup wolf
u/rosssettti / Via

14.This hunting camera photo, where the OP asked if they should go ahead and pack up and move. I'm just looking at the photo and I want to move:

looks like a small creature is under the house
u/pajavasarakomuka / Via

15.This photo of...I'm actually at a loss of explanations. The only thing I can think of is Bigfoot:

  u/Tempoffroad / Via
u/Tempoffroad / Via

16.This one that was captured where the previous property owner's ashes were scattered:

looks like a person is in the middle of the trail
u/native_meraki / Via

17.Finally, I'm not going to leave you with a spooky one, so here's a palate cleanser. Please enjoy this skunk pushing a possum into a pond caught on a trail cam: