17 Funny Restaurant Signs And Menus That Made Me Laugh, Or At Least Exhale Sharply

1.This Indian restaurant made a very important distinction in their spice levels:

spice separated by american hot or indian hot
u/Trinketlady / Via reddit.com

2.And this Indian restaurant just flat-out roasted anyone who orders butter chicken:

one of our best seller though no idea why, a bland sweet and tasteless curry
u/Mister_Scorpion / Via reddit.com

3.This restaurant made the most of a bad situation after their sign got hit by a car:

dented marquee says, you should see the other guy
u/kimosis / Via reddit.com

4.This restaurant was forced to sell food with any alcohol purchase, so they found a loophole:

a "here for the beer" menu with one solo onion ring, 1 deep fried pickle for $1 and half an order of fries for $1
u/TusBus67 / Via reddit.com

5.This restaurant clearly has had some less-than-pleasant customers:

prices subject to change according to customer's attitude
u/gamep01nt / Via reddit.com

6.I really want to know the stories behind some of the rules this café posted:

long list of rules written on a pole, no dicussing gambling and no address enquiry
u/dilly2philly / Via reddit.com

7.This restaurant decided the customer is NOT always right:

we think our staff is pretty amazing, please do not kill their spirits with the use of negative or unkind words
u/xthemanofsteel / Via reddit.com

8.And this restaurant decided that at least one online reviewer was not right:

come in and try the worst pizza one guy on trip advisor ever had
u/deleted / Via reddit.com

9.This restaurant is 100% done with tourists:

all americans must be accompanied by an adult
u/Go_Habs_Go31 / Via reddit.com

10.This restaurant used to be a Cricket Wireless, and figured out a way to save on sign costs:

only some of the letters changed on the side so it could read chicken instead
u/KustomKonceptz / Via reddit.com

11.This restaurant found a creative way to make sure people held down the flusher long enough:

a list of how to properly flush the toilet without panicking with a long text to read
u/WoobieBee / Via reddit.com

12.This restaurant took "passive-aggressive" to new levels:

no smoking sign for the balcony that ends with, we apologize for your slightly extended lifespan
u/deleted / Via reddit.com

13.This restaurant came up with a genius way to allow people to write off their lunch orders as business expenses:

meals listed as office supplies
u/deleted / Via reddit.com

14.And this restaurant came up with a genius way to get bigger tips:

on a scale of $1 to $10 how attractive are you
u/DrDoak / Via reddit.com

15.This restaurant must have had some complaints about this table:

sign above a table says it's the worst table in the house
u/flyinglabrador / Via reddit.com

16.This restaurant was clearly fed up with apologizing for incorrect orders:

burger of the month is a karen burger
u/deleted / Via reddit.com

17.And finally, this restaurant decided to just take the honest route:

crossroads: warm beer lousy food
u/crazylegsmcgraw / Via reddit.com