18 Infuriating People Who Said, "Time To Ruin Halloween For Everyone!"

1.These incorrigible anti-vaxxers who put this sticker on the candy they handed out.

Anti-vax stickers on Halloween candy
u/gunsnammo37 · 12y / Via

2.This MLM monster who seriously dropped these cards into kids' baskets with the instruction to "give it to your mom."

Mary Kay card
u/Winter-Owl1 / Via

3.And this MLMer who slipped an equally shameless note into trick or treaters' baskets.

"Are your kids adverse to eating their fruits and veggies?"

No, we don't want your juice!!!

u/drewschu5 / Via

4.This city that — get this! — outlawed trick-or-treaters over a certain age and also made it illegal to trick-or-treat after 8 p.m.!

Screenshot of a news report

5.And this school that canceled Halloween and replaced it with a "Team Up Against Drugs" day!!!

An email saying Halloween is canceled
u/RC123TheyCallMe / Via

6.These confused joy killers who submitted a complaint to the Health Department saying their neighbor was illegally running a restaurant out of their residence.

"Bob's Burgers"

I guess they don't watch much TV.

u/kevinowdzie / Via

7.This person who was equally clueless, and posted on Nextdoor all nervous-nelly style about "something bad" happening here:

"Something bad happened at my neighbors house"
u/[deleted] / Via

8.This person who sold a Halloween decoration that kids would be seeing...featuring a giant dong.

"50+ bought in past month"

"Look at all that decoration, mom!"

u/InternationalHermano / Via

9.And this mom who tweeted proudly about her family tradition of THROWING OUT ALL HER KIDS' CANDY!

"I throw all their candy in the garbage."
u/Aki008035 / Via

10.This person, meanwhile, who decided that — instead of giving out candy — they'd give out communion cups!

A little cup in someone's fingers

11.These people who put fake $50 bills into baskets in the hope that they would somehow turn kids — who got no candy and no $50 from these folks — toward Jesus.

A fake $50 bill

Disappointed? Yes! The kid just wanted candy!

u/FullMetalStabb / Via

12.Look, all the religious folk I know have fun with Halloween, but there's definitely a type that does this kind of thing.

"Knock if you need to recieve salvation"
u/DumbledoresAtheist / Via

13.And the last of this type: These people who gave out stickers that were at least kinda cute.

"Boo-lieve in Jesus"
u/Spencerisurdad / Via

14.It's not just religious folk giving out stickers instead of candy — check out what these vegans stuffed into kids' buckets!

A pamphlet with vegan meals

15.Also out there to destroy joy on Halloween? Waaay over-the-top/unhinged political folk.

"Let's go Brandon"
u/jdsupreme412 / Via

16.And this family that deftly mixed politics and religion in their obnoxious anti-candy screed.

"Attention Satanic Socialists!"
u/kungfumovielady / Via

17.Whoever wrote this bitching about kids trick-or-treating too young.

"Rant and Rave"
u/Safe_Ad5951 · / Via

18.And lastly, this weirdo who put up their Christmas lights BEFORE October 31st and definitely killed the Halloween spirit.

Christmas decorations on a house
u/Screamingsmile / Via