18 Creepy And Upsetting Pictures Of Things That Absolutely Shouldn't Exist

Buckle up, folks, because it's time to look at some extremely weird and anxiety-inducing images!!!

Maya Rudolph making a scared face
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Here are 19 pics that made me DEEPLY uncomfortable, and I want to know if you feel the same:

1.This car full of baby dolls straight out of my nightmares:

Dolls all over a car
u/TheMageOfMoths / Via

2.This Ronald McDonald toy that reveals too much about his manscaping preferences:

A Ronald McDonald doll
u/RodrigoBarragan / Via

3.This playground attraction where you'll have fun or die trying:

A dome made of skeletons
u/brutalproduct / Via

4.This demonic doll decor:

A scary doll
u/GooeyMagic / Via

5.This Pooh hanger that reveals it's a bit nippy out:

A Pooh hanger with knobs where the nipples should go
u/Few-Ebb1536 / Via

6.This creepy Santa toy that absolutely watches you when you're sleeping:

Scary Santa
u/AkoOsu / Via

7.This creepy sewer where the vibes straight up stink:

A long, dark sewer
u/Candid-Bike-9165 / Via

8.This note from a possible serial killer that someone found in an abandoned mailbox:

A note in ransom writing
u/stoned_seahorse / Via

9.This baked "beanana":

Beans in a banana
u/Myrtha_Thistlethorne / Via

10.This expertly made but equally nightmarish Furby mask:

A Furby mask
u/ashleighbuck / Via

11.This cassette tape from the first act of a horror movie:

"Do It Yourself Brainwashing"
u/dziggurat / Via

12.This cursed keychain that makes me so nervous, my stomach is in knots:

A keychain made of shoelaces
u/muttervonbrian / Via

13.Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, who may be a perfectly nice man but needs to tone down the intense eye contact:

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
u/Ashaw06339 / Via

14.This weird shoe that makes me want to run far, far away:

Red wedge heels
u/seven_critical_blows / Via

15.This cursed hound dog that makes me so scared, I'm cryin' all the time:

A "Hound Dog"
u/dS_LuNa / Via

16.This freaky reminder that giants need baths, too:

A giant woman mannequin in a lake
u/seven_critical_blows / Via

17.This Airbnb decor that makes me feel great about my preference for hotels:

An old-time painting of a child
u/Fizzledrizzle69 / Via

18.And finally, this reminder that we live in a surveillance state:

A giant face staring at a car
u/Detterius / Via

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