19 Luxury Gifts Worth Their Weight In Gold

From little luxuries to tech tools, these gifts go the extra mile.

<p>From left: The Vampire

From left: The Vampire's Wife; L'Objet

You don’t have to spend six figures to make someone feel like a million bucks. As sappy as it sounds, the secret to luxury gift-giving lies in making the intimate opulent. Now more than ever, luxury is less about the number of dollar signs on a price tag and more about the act of luxuriating in and of itself. Finding pockets of peace, stillness, and sanctuary has become just as, if not more, important than designer labels, which is why our carefully curated luxury gift guide leans into little moments as well as grand gestures. The best luxury gifts — including our 19 picks below — show you’ve invested time in listening to and learning about each special someone on your holiday shopping list, even if distance, scheduling, or any number of life's upheavals, big or small, have you kept apart.

In today's increasingly chaotic world, luxury is less about the number of dollar signs on a price tag and more about the act of luxuriating in and of itself. Finding pockets of peace, stillness, and sanctuary has become just as, if not more, important than designer labels, which is why our carefully curated luxury gift guide leans into little moments as well as grand gestures.

A high-tech hair tool that cuts hair prep time in half so a friend or loved one can hit the snooze button a few more times? That's a luxury. The same goes for a decadent cashmere sweater that feels like the hug you can't always be there to give, a solid serum that serves as a literal balm against stress and pollutants, or a porcelain cup with enough cheeky charm to make the day's fourth trip to the espresso maker just a little less dire. These, along with the rest of our most coveted luxury gifts, are unabashedly luxe, but they’re equally thoughtful, clever, and, in plenty of cases, practical. After all, what use is a beautifully crafted present if it’s not put to use? Ahead, you’ll find state-of-the-art tech devices, modern family heirlooms, and remarkable made-to-order wonders to make everyone on your shopping list feel as one-of-kind as they are to you.

Laret Laret Cardigan Sweater No.59

<p>Laret Laret</p>

Laret Laret

Cashmere just might be the most luxurious material out there, and Leret Leret has mastered its aesthetic possibilities while staying true to the brand’s sustainability-centered ethical framework. The brand manufactures its limited edition cardigans and sweaters locally in Mongolia in the same areas where its cashmere is sourced. Each relaxed-fit, uniquely whimsical piece is designed with layering potential in mind and features just enough aesthetic pop to feel one-of-a-kind without succumbing to overt flash or trend chasing. To us, the star of its latest collection is the Cardigan Sweater No.59: a medium-weight cardigan with a disco-ball motif that has limitless styling potential.

Heimer Shoulder Bag



A luxury bag capable of withstanding the test of time is a thing of beauty. A luxury bag that can endure year after year of trend cycles while still feeling both classical and fresh is a rarity. Handcrafted in Italy, Heimer's Shoulder Bag has both elegance and a cheeky sense of humor, thanks to its custom-made horn studs and supple smooth-grain finish. To amp up its appeal in the season of giving, a portion of each sale is donated to UN Women.

Tiffany & Co. Bone China Espresso Cups

<p>Tiffany & Co.</p>

Tiffany & Co.

There's a certain je ne sais quoi in a functional object that manages to be exquisite without taking itself too seriously. Tiffany & Co's playful set of bone china espresso cups beautifully illustrates this unnameable quality. Evoking the paper cafe cups any ristretto or doppio drinker will instantly recognize, each cup adds a touch of levity and luxury to your daily second, third, or fourth at-home shot of espresso.

Pretty Rugged TS Luxe Blanket

<p>Pretty Rugged</p>

Pretty Rugged

What's more luxurious than an oversized, snuggly fleece-and-satin throw? A spill- and stain-proof oversized snuggly fleece-and-satin throw that comes in a range of colors from vibrant blue to subtle camel. Measuring 55" by 70" — that's approx. four and a half feet by nearly six feet — this faux fur blanket has more than enough room to snuggle up under when the temperatures dip.

Tercette No.6 Sweater



It can be easy to forget that clothes are meant to protect and shelter us as much as they’re meant to reflect the latest trends, and a sumptuously soft sweater is the perfect reminder that clothes can offer as much comfort as style. Tercette's No.6 Sweater is a timeless cable knit piece with a gender-fluid, boxy design. Its remarkable softness comes courtesy of yak's wool, a textile that is more insulated than sheep's wool and more breathable than cashmere. Yak's wool is also moisture-wicking and anti-microbial, meaning this sweater can handle even the most active and outdoorsy lifestyle from the trailhead to the beer garden.

Venus et Fleur Thalia Porcelain Vase Eternity Bouquet

<p>Venus et Fleur</p>

Venus et Fleur

Regardless of the occasion, gifting a bouquet means you truly care, which makes the fact that it will evitably wither and get chucked in the trash even sadder. Best known for their eternity rose boxes, Venus et Fleur also creates stunning mixed floral arrangements using real lilies, roses, dahlias, and more, that undergo a non-toxic dehydration process. Unlike regular bouquets, these blooms keep their scent for weeks and brighten any room for a year or more.

Vampire's Wife x Globe-Trotter Ivory Jewelry Case

<p>The Vampire's Wife</p>

The Vampire's Wife

Any jewelry enthusiast will tell you that gorgeous jewels deserve an equally gorgeous yet protective case to house their bijoux. This ivory beauty, designed by esteemed fashion brand Vampire's Wife in collaboration with luggage company Globe Trotter, is the perfect marriage between pomp and practicality with its brilliant brass locks, cute compartments, and rich red interiors.

L'Objet Haas Monster Incense Burner



An objet d’art need not serve any other particular purpose to fulfill its primary function of being lovely to look at, but there’s something extra special about a piece with a clever purpose. Such is the case with the L'Objet Haas Monster Incense Burner, a gorgeous little sculpture that doubles as an incense burner. The 24-karat gold-plated horns send incense smoke swirling into the air, delivering tranquility and whimsy, a must-have for any work-from-home luxury lovers on your shopping list.

Custom Staud X C.Bonz Oversized Ryan Denim Jacket



First, the bad news: If you place an order in December, Staud's re-released denim jacket featuring a custom embroidery pet portrait by C.Bonz of your choosing is not guaranteed to arrive by Christmas day. That said, these full-color portraits are perhaps the chicest commemorations of beloved fur babies that we've ever seen and at least one of our editors has it down on her own holiday shopping list. If you have a loved one whose pet has their own Instagram account, we're 99.8% certain they won't mind waiting an extra week for this one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Molton Brown Re-charge Black Pepper Luxury Candle

<p>Molton Brown</p>

Molton Brown

No matter how many top and base notes you've committed to olfactory memory, shopping for scented candles online can be a dangerous game. Unlike perfumes or colognes, candle scents can be affected by everything from wax type to wick length and coating, but in a sea of scented candles, those made by Molton Brown, the London-based luxury body care and home brand, shine bright as a beacon of both quality and consistency. Molton Brown's Black Pepper candle features the brand's most iconic scent; unlike other scents that hop across categories, the Black Pepper scent delivered by this luxe three-wick candle is an exact match to the brand's Black Pepper body wash, lotion, and fragrance.

Bonjout Beauty Le Balm



It's the powerful actives in this solid serum that make it such a standout. Over 68 concentrated ingredients join forces to both nourish and refine, so your skin barrier is protected while your complexion gets a major boost of glow at the same time.

An Annual Vices Box Subscription

<p>Vices </p>


Perfect for foodies with refined and adventurous palates, this subscription service combines authentic creativity with artisanal flavors. Each box immerses the recipient in a story structured around a food or drink and created to be shared with one or more equally discerning taste-makers. While the exact offerings are subject to change based on the availability of uniquely luxurious contents, previous editions have featured a mezcal tasting experience with worm salts and traditional clay copitas and a family game night featuring all the trappings of a snack-filled and rollicking night in.

Hermès Single Tour Apple Watch

<p>Hermès </p>


There's no greater challenge for a fitness and fashion enthusiast than the struggle between the miraculous function of an Apple Watch and the less-than-polished aesthetic of its signature band. Luckily, the calfskin band and delicate topstitching on this Hermès Apple Watch deliver on the fashion front so your style-conscious friends or family members never have to choose between tracking steps and staying sharp.

Genny Cut-Out Knit Dress



We didn't think that a snuggly sweater dress with a silhouette fit for a femme fatale existed until we encountered this sumptuous, slinky number from Genny. With its warm long sleeves and sophisticated cut-out detail, you can be confident that all eyes will be on you at your office holiday party.

Tile Tracker Pro Essential 4-Pack



No matter your tax bracket, searching for a lost set of keys, cell phone, or wallet is a nightmare, which is why we consider this set of four locator devices from Tile as both an essential and a luxury. Including four different locators, suitable for everything from your devices to your valuables, this set uses the Tile app, available on both iPhone and Android, to locate missing must-haves at a range of up to 400 feet, one of the most powerful on the market.

Nodaleto Bulla Pia Glitterball



A statement shoe that serves looks instead of foot pain? Yes, please! These crystal-studded pumps are among the popular shoe brand's most iconic silhouettes and, thanks to its oversized block heel and rounded edges, also one of its most comfortable.


Dr. Loretta The Essentials Kit

<p>Dr. Loretta</p>

Dr. Loretta

Luxuries can come in little packages, as the Dr. Loretta Essentials Daily Skincare Regimen proves. This small but mighty four-piece set of award-winning skincare products backs a powerful punch that is suitable for all skin types.

Gucci Odissey Print Coffee Cup and Saucer (Set of 2)



Sometimes, the only thing to do is sit down and sip a nice cup of tea. For moments like those, the perfect teacup and saucer make a world of difference. One glance at the soothing shade of green and delicate gold leaf details on this Gucci set has us halfway to breathing easy.


Dyson Airwrap™ Multi-Styler in Nickel/Copper



Heat styling has made technological leaps and bounds in recent years during which Dyson has stayed at the forefront of the hair tool revolution. This copper-colored edition of the brand's most innovative tool is as merry and bright as the holiday season and is designed to deliver ultra-speedy styling to multiple hair types with minimal heat damage so good hair days start sooner and leave hair healthier.

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