2 Bangladeshis caught posing as international police, robbing tourists

Nurul Hidayah Bahaudin

KUALA LUMPUR: Two Bangladesh nationals who posed as international police and robbed tourists in the city have been arrested. The men, aged 31 and 43, were picked up by police in a raid at a hotel in Jalan Ipoh on May 30 at 6.30pm. Dang Wangi police chief Assistant Commissioner Shaharudin Abdullah told a press conference today that the suspects had been active for a few years. “Their modus operandi involved passing themselves off as international police and inspecting tourists’ identification documents “They would threaten the victims, mostly foreign tourist, and rob them, before fleeing in a car.” Shaharudin said the suspects were believed to be involved in four robbery cases in the area. “We have seized many items believed to be the loot,” he said. “The case is being investigated under Section 395 and Section 107 of the Penal Code for robbery and also posing as authorities.”

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