2 e-scooter riders, 1 cyclist charged for causing hurt in separate cases

Sathappan Anbarasan was charged in court on Wednesday. (PHOTO: Wan Ting Koh/Yahoo News Singapore)

A personal mobility device (PMD) user who allegedly attempted to hit a man with his e-scooter after a dispute was charged in court on Thursday (24 May) on one count of causing hurt by a rash act and one count of intentionally causing harassment.

Chew Hup Seng, 37, is said to have ridden his e-scooter along a narrow corridor on the fifth floor of the Keat Hong Community Club on 24 July last year, resulting in a near collision with Pedro JR Garcia Mondejar, 48.

This was after the two had an argument around 10.02am at the community club’s multi-purpose hall, during which Chew allegedly pointed his middle finger at Mondejar and used an expletive on the latter. He also allegedly accused Mondejar of bringing “shame to his country” and told the latter that he “should take the next budget flight back to his country the next day”.

In court on Thursday, Chew, a Singaporean, said that he is bipolar and intends to engage a private lawyer so that he can plead guilty. The prosecution offered to proceed on one charge while taking the other into consideration.

Also charged in court on Thursday were an e-scooter user and a cyclist who collided with two elderly pedestrians in separate incidents.

Singaporean Ho Jun Wei, 17, was charged with one count of a rash act causing grievous hurt after he rammed into Wong Ah Jee with his e-scooter, causing the 78-year-old to fall face down. Wong sustained multiple fractures to his face and nose.

Ho was riding on a pavement along Yishun Ring Road near Yishun Junior College at around 3.31pm on 17 February this year when the incident occurred.

Appearing in court with his mother, Ho said he intends to plead guilty. He will be back in court on 7 June.

In the third case, Sathappan Anbarasan, 33, was riding a bicycle along a footpath at Simei Street 1 towards Jalan Pelatok when he collided into 73-year-old Ng Yock Chun on 21 September last year at around 8.30pm. As a result of the crash, Ng sustained a four-part fracture to her right shoulder.

Sathappan, an Indian national, told the court that he intends to plead guilty and apply for legal aid. He will return to court on 31 May.

For a rash act causing grievous hurt, the maximum jail term is four years, and/or a fine of up to $10,000. For a negligent act causing grievous hurt, an offender may be jailed up to two years, and/or fined up to $5,000, or with both. For rash act causing hurt, an offender faces up to six months jail, and/or a fine of up to $2,500.

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