2 gang members jailed for slashing 4 men over bumping incident

(Yahoo Singapore file photo)

A secret society member became so aggravated after being bumped into by strangers at a nightclub that he and his fellow gang members later attacked the other group of men, four of whom were slashed in the incident.

For voluntarily causing grievous hurt with dangerous weapons, secret society members Muhammad Zuraimie Zaili, 26, and Mohamed Firdaus Mohamed Yusof, 22, were sentenced to four years’ jail with 12 strokes of the cane and four and a half years’ jail with 12 strokes of the cane respectively.

A third accused person, 22-year-old Muhammad Qamarul Ardy Mohamed Hassim, had his case adjourned due to disagreements related to the wording in court documents.

The trio – along with co-accused fellow gang members 23-year-old Norazizul Samzaman and 22-year-old Irwan Fardley Rohani –  are part of the Sio Kun Tong secret society.

The court heard that on 9 April 2016, the three accused persons were in Club Aryaa on Beach Road when one or more of the victims bumped into Norazizul on the dance floor.

Unhappy over what happened, Norazizul told Qamarul to get weapons. Qamarul then called Firdaus, who was at home, to bring weapons to Club Aryaa, saying that there was a “problem” there.

Firdaus took two knives from his house, concealed them in his trousers and grabbed a taxi to the club, where he met his fellow gang members outside.

Meanwhile, the four victims – Ahmad Noorazfar Azman, 21, Muhammad Shahirul Azhar Mohamad Sahak, 21, Muhammad Taib Kamsani, 21, and Rhydalfy Rosli, 18 – were walking towards the traffic light junction at Beach Road and Ophir Road with another friend.

On Norazizul’s instructions, the gang members began chasing the victims. Qamarul and Zuraimie wielded the knives and slashed the victims while Firdaus, Norazizul and Fardley followed behind.

Shahirul, who was slashed on his hands, right arm and head, sustained skull fractures along with lacerations on his right little finger that have left it “permanently stiff”, according to court documents.

The court also heard that Rhydalfy, who was slashed on his right elbow and left arm, may be left with a permanent injury to his elbow.

Following the attack, the gang members fled to Fardley’s home. They were eventually traced and arrested. Police investigations also showed that Qamarul had sent WhatsApp messages to his then girlfriend on 12 April 2016 saying that the attack was “fun”.

‘Menace to society’

In sentencing the two accused, District Judge Wong Li Tein said that the duo’s attacks were “disproportionate” to what the victims had done to them.

Regarding Zuraimie, DJ Wong said: “It baffles me that a bump on the dance floor… warranted such an attack.

“However, what this means is that the accused person has made himself out to be a menace to society, meting out unequal justice over trivial matters.”

DJ Wong added that even though Firdaus’ role was to bring weapons to the crime scene, the action showed that his intentions were “clear”.

For each charge of voluntarily causing grievous hurt with a dangerous weapon, each of the accused could have been imprisoned for life or for a jail term of up to 15 years, along with a fine or caning.