The Morning After: Are dual-screen devices better than foldables?

Richard Lawler
Senior News Editor

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Now that Microsoft has unveiled its vision for dual-screen devices, we can argue over which approach is best: folding screens or double displays. Also, Big Bird is a player in the streaming wars, and Google's Pixel 4 just can't stop leaking.

Pick a side.Microsoft is right: Dual displays are a safer bet than folding screens

As Devindra Hardawar sees it, while Microsoft's Surface Neo and Duo may look a bit archaic compared to the Galaxy Fold and Mate X, maybe folding screens are more trouble than they're worth. Using two screens still gives us a taste of a whole new generation of computing where our devices can take on wild new forms, but it does so with fewer headaches.

More exclusives.HBO moves 'Sesame Street' to its more expensive Max service

Deadline is reporting that a new agreement will make Sesame Street's entire 50-year library available online. Episodes previously on HBO will move to HBO Max along with the complete existing collection. The new five-year deal also sees HBO ordering five new 35-episode seasons after the show finishes its current (50th) season, and like before, the new episodes will air exclusively on HBO Max before heading to PBS Kids.

Easier to pack and more durable.The North Face's high-tech Futurelight jackets are finally here

Apparently this is The North Face's "most breathable waterproof gear yet." It uses a proprietary nanospinning technology that lets air move through fabric easily with additional venting. Edgar Alvarez tried on a few pieces and went inside the company's wild art installation to find out how it all holds up.

The full spec sheets have leaked.Google's Pixel 4 will feature something called a Pixel Neural Core

According to the official spec sheet -- obtained by 9to5Google -- we're looking at a Snapdragon 855 processor, 6GB of RAM and up to a 90Hz display. Marked differences between the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are inevitably the screen size (5.7-inch vs 6.3-inch) and battery (2800 mAh vs 3700 mAh). Both offer a choice of 64GB or 128GB storage. Under the processor information, both devices are labeled as having a Pixel Neural Core, which appears to be the new name for the Pixel Visual Core, as found in the Pixel 3.

Just don't expect the service to necessarily save you time getting to and from Manhattan.Uber Copter's $200 trips to JFK are now available to everyone

Uber plans to open up its JFK airport helicopter shuttle service to more people. Now, you won't need to be an Uber Rewards member to check out Uber Copter, reports Reuters. You will need between 200 and 225 bucks, though.

That price includes ground transportation on either side of the helicopter flight. While it's a lot of money to pay to travel between Manhattan and Queens, it's what you can expect cost-wise from competing services. A Reuters reporter said the trip took about 70 minutes to get from their office in Midtown Manhattan to JFK using Uber Copter -- don't forget to add the time for public transportation and the two Uber car rides needed to get to and from the heliport.

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