Disney+ makes it easier to pick up shows where you left off

Marc DeAngelis
Engadget/Aaron Souppouris

Disney+ had a bumpy start, with many users reporting frequent crashes and even difficulty logging into their accounts. One of the company's first moves to address the issues was to remove certain features, with one of those being the "continue watching" list. Disney has now added the list back to its platform, allowing viewers to pick up a movie or show where they left off.

Most streaming services have a "continue watching" menu section, so it was odd to see its absence from Disney+. While it wasn't quite at the top of the list of users' complaints, it will be nice to quickly jump back into a movie or show without digging through menus. Disney's infrastructure wasn't quite prepared for the number of subscribers that the streaming service brought in. After all, 10 million users signed up during its launch day. However, the popularity of The Mandalorian's Baby Yoda seems to overshadow most negative reactions against the platform.