Ford GoRide Health shifts to autonomy and shuts down in five cities

Christine Fisher
Contributing Writer

It seemed like things were going well for Ford's GoRide Health, a service that offered non-emergency transportation to hospitals and other health care facilities. This spring, it outlined a plan to expand into 40 cities over the course of four years. Instead, Ford is shutting the service down in the five cities it currently operates. According to TechCrunch, Ford is relocating GoRide Health to Miami, where it will focus on autonomous vehicles.

GoRide Health will no longer be available in Detroit or Toledo, Dayton, Cleveland and Cincinnati, Ohio. That will leave customers searching for new ways to get to appointments, which is not a great look for Ford.

The company has not revealed what its Miami-based program will look like, only that the pilot will research the role autonomous vehicles might play. "Our learnings from GoRide Health have led to a shift in strategy," Ford told TechCrunch in an email. "We are moving to test the potential for AV technology to help improve access to transportation for those with limited mobility."

Engadget has reached out to Ford for comment.

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