The Morning After: Foldable phone hype flopped in 2019

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Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

We're almost done with 2019. The year included cheaper 4K TVs, tons of foldable phones and some very forgettable tweets. At least one of those areas could use some significant improvements, and who knows, maybe I'll get my hands on the first great flexible device at CES 2020 next week.

-- Richard

Has anyone seen a Royole Flexpai in the wild?2019 wasn't the year of foldables we were promised

For a while there, it seemed like 2019 would be the year foldable phones took over. You know how it played out: flaws, delays and mentions on "worst of" lists. Chris Velazco takes a look back at what went wrong for convertible devices over the last twelve months, and what there is to be optimistic about in 2020.

The court said the team violated the 'bottom line' of ethics.Scientist who edited babies' genes sentenced to three years in prison

He Jiankui and two of his associates have been sentenced to three years in prison following a secret trial in China. The court convicted the team of "illegal medical practice" for performing human embryo gene editing "for reproductive purposes," according to China's state-run Xinhua News Agency.

The court noted the gene editing technique had not been "verified for safety and effectiveness," and that He and others forged documents to convince patients and doctors to help. The team reportedly told patients they were part of an AIDS vaccine trial, not genetic modifications. Shortly after He revealed the CRISPR trials, experts condemned it as "unconscionable" and "immoral and unethical."

Luxury SUVs like the Bentley Bentayga, Jaguar I-Pace and Audi e-Tron debuted in 2019.The next wave of electric vehicles will appear in 2020

Over a million plug-in vehicles now drive on US roads and account for 2.5 percent of all new vehicle sales in the country. More than a century after Ferdinand Porsche introduced his electric P1, automakers are taking notice and developing their own electric offerings in an effort to tap into the growing market.

If they're too fast then the old 486 Turbo button may need to come back.Intel 10th-gen desktop chips may pack better multitasking across the board

Leaks at Informatica Cero and VideoCardz have detailed a Comet Lake-S CPU lineup where every Core chip, from the i3 to the i9, reportedly includes Hyperthreading. You might not need need to buy a Core i7 or better to wring truly strong multitasking performance out of your system.

Stargazing.Tesla's Cybertruck found its way into a Travis Scott music video

Rapper Travis Scott has shared a very car-centric video for "Gang Gang," featuring extensive, conspicuous shots of Scott and crew performing around (and occasionally using) both the Cybertruck and the Cyberquad electric ATV. There's even a Boring Company Not-A-Flamethrower in there for good measure.

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