2019 Ford Focus sedan comes into, er, focus

Joel Stocksdale

Not quite a month ago, one of our spy photographers captured a brightly wrapped 2019 Ford Focus hatchback prototype running around. Now there seems to be at least one sedan variant in with the same color scheme out testing. Shown above, it unsurprisingly shares quite a bit with the hatchback, including that hashtag.

There aren't many fresh revelations on the front of this car. We do see more of the fog lights, which stretch upward and mirror the angles of the grille. This car also has different headlights than the previous one. It uses a pair of projector lenses that take up most of the middle, while the last hatchback we saw seemed to have a few reflector-style lamps, or possibly LED lights with an LED element running horizontally between them. Both versions will likely be available, but on different trim levels.

Obviously the biggest difference here is the shift from a hatch to a trunk. With that comes rear windows that aren't as tall so as to match the roofline. Despite that, the glass area still looks quite tall, almost awkwardly so. This is likely in due in part to the dip in the window sill in the middle. Still it should afford very good visibility and an airy interior. The sedan looks to be a bit longer than hatchback, which allows the muscular fender creases to shine. The trunk lid also tapers to a nice little lip spoiler enhancing the lengthier look. Besides that the taillights and lower fascia look just like the hatchbacks.

With what appears to be a production-ready body, minimal camouflage, and even a hashtag, we likely won't have to wait long to see the production Focus. We expect to see it by the end of the auto show season, possibly as soon as the Detroit Auto Show.

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