2020 polls: New data refutes Trump’s claims he’s ‘winning big’ as Biden stretches lead in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania

Chris Riotta,Gino Spocchia,Joe Sommerlad and Justin Vallejo
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 ((Associated Press))
((Associated Press))

Donald Trump has claimed on Twitter he is “winning big on voting numbers” despite myriad polling evidence to the contrary, with rival Joe Biden three points ahead in Texas, according to the latest Dallas Morning News poll, with voters backing the Democratic nominee by 48-45 per cent in what is typically Republican territory.

On Sunday, Mr Biden warned the election outcome was far from certain and denounced Mr Trump’s attempts to “delegitimise” the authenticity of mail ballots in an interview with CBS’s 60 Minutes that the president stormed out of after taking exception to being asked “tough questions”.

Other polls in recent weeks have also shown the former vice president pulling ahead in states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan - all of which were critical in Mr Trump’s 2016 victory. Meanwhile, new data adds further evidence the president isn’t winning big, as he suggests, but actually suffering lower polling than expected.

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