2021 Aston Martin DB11 Shadow Edition gives the V8 model some exclusivity

Joel Stocksdale

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The entry-level 2021 Aston Martin DB11 with its Mercedes V8 is a very good sports car, and in some ways arguably better than the V12 versions, but it does lack some of the specialness of those with the most cylinders. Seemingly on cue, Aston Martin is bringing out a limited production DB11 Shadow Edition that's only available with the V8 engine.

What sets it apart from other DB11s is that it gets lots of black trim. The exterior features darkened head- and taillights, gloss black wheels and hood "blades," and black chrome badging. The interior is finished in black leather and Alcantara with black anodized sill plates. The upholstery stitching is also matched to the brake calipers and can be had in gray, red or yellow. The Shadow Edition is available in coupe and convertible forms, but only with six color choices.

For this lightly customized DB11, buyers will fork over $222,600, which is more than $20,000 more than a base V8 model. That's a lot of money for black trim, but customers are also getting exclusivity. Only 300 of these Shadow Editions will be sold globally. If you have the means and the desire for a limited production DB11, Aston is taking orders now.

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