2022 Ford Super Duty prices went up another $250

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The 2022 Ford Super Duty pickups only recently got to dealer lots, and it came hauling a load — a small price increase. In a letter to dealers that Cars Direct got eyes on, Ford cited the need for "competitive pricing action" in raising the MSRPs of the F-250, F-350 and F-450 by $250 as of today, August 23. Trucks that had been ordered and invoiced before today pay the lower price, and certain kinds of orders signed no later than August 20 can be turned in to Ford by August 26. For the rest, the 2022 F-250 now starts at $36,645 including a $1,695 destination fee. The F-350 starts at $38,160, the F-450 at $58,825. There's no change in the price of the F-150, which is holding steady at $30,985 after destination.

This is the second $250 price hop on the Super Duty range, after the same happened in June when Ford boosted prices on almost everything it sells here. A $500 rise in three months puts the total Super Duty increase in line with some of the other bumps levied on 2021 vehicles in June; the EcoSport got $400 more expensive, the Edge got $500 more expensive, two trims of the Bronco Sport rose $540, the Expedition got $600 more expensive, the Escape S shot up $670, and the Mustang Mach 1 needed $680 more to take home. The same month, Ford eliminated almost all of its dealer rebate programs at the behest of dealers in favor of what's called trade-in assistance on certain models. As the name suggests, that incentive provides additional cash to buyers trading in vehicles, which in turn helps dealers get more vehicles on their depleted lots. However, buyers not trading in can get shut out of thousands in savings.

Of course, it's hard to come by any savings anywhere now, and that's before factoring in dealer markups on popular, scarce products. We wonder how much longer the standard F-150 can hold out against the market pressure.

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