2023 Honda Civic Type R teased, and here's what we can make out

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Honda left the wraps on the next-generation Civic Type R, but thankfully for us Honda made the wrap skin-tight. The more revealing outfit reveals details we suspected when we got spy shots of the hot hatch in May.

Larger grilles will be joined by a set of intakes that are still covered. Some serious front fender blisters include rear edge vents to clear air out of the wheel wells, and chunkier side sills lead to thicker rear haunches. What looks like low-profile Michelin Pilot Sport 4S rubber wrapping what could be 20-inch wheels fills the wheel arches nicely. In back, an aggressive diffuser houses a diesel locomotive-like triple trumpet horn array masquerading as an exhaust. The obligatory rear wing stands atop the hatch with a little nod to the latest Porsche GT3, stanchions placed a little ways up the hatch, the trailing edge of the hatch curling into a slight spoiler.

Most important, the whole package is less fussy, freed from gaping vents and Transformer angles. This Civic Type R doesn't look like it spends most of its time being throttled at redline to get to a house party, or doing 90 in a 45. It will be up to the trademark red seats and fake carbon fiber trim to make drivers feel like that's what's happening, as it should be.

Under the hood we expect an updated version of the last Type R's turbocharged 2.0-liter engine making more than 306 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque, its entire output sent to the front wheels through a manual transmission as standard. It's been expected that pricing wont' break the $40,000 mark when the Civic Type R goes on sale next year as a 2023-model-year offering, but the way the market and MSRPs are going, we wouldn't place bets on that. Honda says the car's headed for Nürburgring testing, so a proper debut shouldn't be far away.

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