2024 Chevy Camaro 'Collector's Edition' could be end of the line

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It started when Lethal Garage posted a video speculating on a 2023 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. That, we're told, turned into a series of private messages giving a heads-up to a potential Camaro Final Edition or Heritage Edition that would mark the end of the sixth-generation Camaro's life, and the end of the Camaro nameplate for a while. In the follow-up vid, Lethal Garage host Matthew Everett could only recite the info he'd received as speculation, saying he heard tell of more carbon fiber accents, carbon brakes, a new low rear wing, and a potential output bump to a square 670 for horsepower and torque, celebrating the 1967 Camaro that broke open the Pony Car Wars.

Muscle Cars & Trucks couldn't let shots like that go unanswered. The outlet checked its sources and discovered there's truth to the matter, hearing that product planners are working on a package that could be called "Collector's Edition" for the end of the Camaro run. It will follow the footsteps of lightly modded special edition Camaros found throughout the coupe's 54-year lifespan so far, like the 1984 Olympian Edition and the 2010 Transformers Edition. Rumor says there'll be "unique badging, accents, bodywork, and some stripes."

We're told the power upgrade — a rumored 20 horses and pound-feet over the ZL1 — could happen, but it's not as easy as a one-day tune, and the Camaro team might not have the money to spend on it.

Everett had said he hoped the rumored special treatment would be a package and not limited to the ZL1, MC&T's insiders appear to have assented to that hope. The Collector's Edition (or whatever it's called) will supposedly be an option on the LT, SS, and ZL1 trims. The extra kit will be added to the final 2,000 Camaros to go down the production line at GM's Grand River Lansing facility.

We mentioned the Transformers Edition Camaro for a reason, though: MC&T says the Collector's Edition will only come in yellow, a hue not offered on the current generation since 2018. Perhaps it's a return of the Rally Yellow that celebrated Bumblebee's antics 12 years ago, if it's true. Or it could be a nod to history. Of the 15 factory paints available on the 1967 Camaro, two were yellow — vibrant Butternut Yellow and muted Capri Cream — and lemony colors didn't take a break until 1982. Going out with a bang to the eyes still qualifies as a bang.

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