21 Times People Paid Someone To Design Something And Definitely Should've Asked For Their Money Back

1.These anti-privacy bathroom walls:

stall doors are completely transparent
u/Ysisbr / Via

2.This deathtrap — I mean staircase:

very narrow staircase leads to another staircase without a flat surface
u/Opposite_Strategy_43 / Via

3.This gross and lazy draining system:

sink drains straight to the drain on the floor
u/princemaster / Via

4.This side-by-side urinal and unlockable sliding door:

  u/AGuThing / Via
u/AGuThing / Via

5.This sidewalk a neighbor wanted to make "fancy" that turned out to be a slippery hazard:

stone walkway with cones to caution for slips
u/KSMO / Via

6.These confusing new years glasses:

they read 20023 instead of 2023
u/crudolph0828 / Via

7.This offensive open-concept kitchen:

staircase in the middle of the kitchen
u/Dahneeze / Via

8.This puzzle that's actually unsolvable:

maze printed in a newspaper with no solution
u/Heam21 / Via

9.These nearly identical bottles for toilet cleaner and dish liquid:

  u/Jonlevy93 / Via
u/Jonlevy93 / Via

10.This balcony that's waaaaay too low:

people walking outside have to avoid hitting their heads on the balcony
u/Snoo_90160 / Via

11.The location of this slide is great for children who like to get injured🙃:

slide leading straight to a metal pole
u/cheekymrs / Via

12.This design of a woman with cartoonishly long arms:

  u/Go_Crazyyy / Via
u/Go_Crazyyy / Via

13.This misleading staircase where the last two steps are higher than the rest:

  u/david_pridson / Via
u/david_pridson / Via

14.This house with a bunch of windows that looks like it's glitching:

3-story house with tons of smaller windows
u/Any-Classic-5733 / Via

15.This ugly, awkward, and uncomfortable bathroom setup:

toilet covered in a tile seating area with the sink closeby
u/Snoo_90160 / Via

16.This bathtub that's just a tragic slip-and-fall accident waiting to happen:

tile leading to the tub creates an illusion that the ground is flat
u/KlassyKlutz / Via

17.The message on this sign that should've been ordered differently:

every child garbage, matters recycle
u/toastisfree / Via

18.These apartment balconies that face the neighbors' balconies:

  u/Snoo_90160 / Via
u/Snoo_90160 / Via

19.These crappy tie-dye socks:

the tie dye looks like poop stains
u/Professional_Lunch43 / Via

20.This less-than-glorious hole between the bathroom stalls:

a hole  where the toilet paper is so you can see into the other stall
u/derpygamer2142 / Via

21.And this sign that'll give you a migraine if you attempt to read it:

large letters in different sizes with no clear message
u/mirest / Via

H/T r/CrappyDesign