21 Shocking And Unsettling Pictures Of Things That Should NOT Exist

Buckle up, folks — it's time to look at some weird and anxiety-inducing pics of things that absolutely shouldn't exist!!!

1.This cake that only a real weenie would enjoy:

raw hot dogs formed into a cake
u/Detterius / Via

2.This completely unhinged dresser setup:

dresser split by a wall
u/whiskey_totem / Via

3.This dishwasher filled with an alarming number of recorders:

  u/PlaguxX / Via
u/PlaguxX / Via

4.This dog making the ultimate "hey could you stop doing that?" face:

  u/seven_critical_blows / Via
u/seven_critical_blows / Via

5.This injury-inducing architectural design:

door opens to the middle of a flight of stairs with no safe way to step out
u/MemorableKidsMoments / Via

6.These sinister clowns you absolutely wouldn't want to run into on a hike:

  Sdominick / Getty Images
Sdominick / Getty Images

7.This super gross game:

a toilet plunger game
u/vikikikiriki / Via

8.This sad, broken armchair:

chair with broken legs that looks like it's slumped over in defeat

Why am I crying?!?!?

u/avantgardengnome / Via

9.This deeply unfortunate ad:

dating app ad that reads, hannah microwaves butterflies in her spare time

Stay away from Hannah, y'all!!!

u/MythicalMicrowave / Via

10.This revolting snake thing:

the snake has no scales or skin and looks slimy
u/Coffee4ddict89 / Via

11.This bus with a unique design feature:

the door to the bus is a house door
u/Several-Position2154 / Via

12.The most impressive and horrendous nail art you'll ever see:

nails looks like teeth
u/homomachine / Via

13.This bathroom with a view:

the toilet faces the ocean and there is no door
u/Mansonnnnnnnn / Via

14.The worst pizza you'll ever see:

bean and egg pizza
u/memes_426 / Via

15.This clever but creepy cat bed:

stuffed jeans with the legs crossed
u/Srihari_stan / Via

16.This bizarre head basket game:

  u/MenyaBala237 / Via
u/MenyaBala237 / Via

17.This press-on nail:

the finger is wrapped in gauze and a nail is put on top
u/oncolgy / Via

18.This ominous burning McDonald's sign:

Clearly, not everyone was lovin' it.

Clearly, not everyone was lovin' it.

u/avantgardengnome / Via

19.This Saw-inspired elf on a shelf display:

elf is shaving potatoes and there's potato chips
u/Detterius / Via

20.This plane/truck hybrid that nobody asked for:

  u/TomatilloAdditional7 / Via
u/TomatilloAdditional7 / Via

21.And finally, this disgustingly accurate recreation:

a real replica of the cartoon burger in spongebob squarepants
Nickelodeon Animation Studio / u/Dangerous-Fruit2172 / Via

H/T r/Weird, r/hmmm, r/ATBGE, and r/StupidFood

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