22 Photos That Defined "Coming Home From School In The 2000s" But Will Look Foreign To People Now

If you grew up in the 2000s, I hope you're ready for a hefty serving of sweet, sweet nostalgia. I have yet to discover a better feeling than coming home from school and chillaxing to the max, so here are 22 photos that will transport you riiiight back to your childhood:

1.The most important thing to do after a long day of school was grab your favorite CD (mine was Fergie Ferg) and pop it in the old school CD player:

Portable CD player with circular design and external buttons on a table with gaming items

2.Maybe you had the honor of upgrading your CD player for a colorful little iPod after the best Christmas of your young life and jammed to that instead (for 99 cents a song):

Hand holding a red iPod nano displaying a photo of two smiling children with "Smashing Pumpkins - 1979" on screen
Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

3.If you had siblings, maybe you were forced to share the family desktop computer to enjoy some (cherished) time online:

a family desktop computer
u/chochy / Via

4.It was an especially good day when you'd log into Myspace and be greeted with a rainbow of notifications:

Myspace interface

5.Before there was Myspace or Facebook messenger, there was this yellow dude who is definitely the CEO of AOL:

AOL Instant Messenger

6.No disrespect to the MSN messenger people, though:

MSN Messenger
u/Spiralgalaxxy / Via

7.If you were a 2000s kid on the desktop computer, of course you spent too much time on Club Penguin:

Club Penguin
The Walt Disney Company / @punpun / Via

8.Or maybe you were a RuneScape kid:

Jagex / @Mote Plox / Via

9.Perhaps you were oddly soothed by planting virtual crops in FarmVille:

Zynga Games / @Game_track / Via

10.Once your turn on the desktop computer was over, you could totally shred on this bad boy:

Guitar Hero
u/SharksFan99 / Via

11.Or you could *literally* shred some gnarly pipes in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater:

"Screen from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 game featuring the character selection menu with Tony Hawk as a playable skater."

They just don't make graphics like this anymore.

Neversoft / @aaronpryan / Via

12.You made sure to take care of your child, aka your Tamagotchi:

u/0_IQ_0 / Via

13.If we're talkin' handheld games, the purple Game Boy Advance was a symbol of power:

a person playing a Game Boy Advance
Koichi Kamoshida / Getty Images

14.The only console that could dethrone it was the Game Boy Advance SP:

Game Boy Advance SP

15.If you wanted to get your groove on, you could stomp to the sweet crinkle sounds of the Dance Dance Revolution party mat:

Dance Dance Revolution
u/ItsVinn / Via

16.Maybe it was a Wii Bowling kinda night:

Wii Bowling

17.If Wii Sports didn't have you sweating enough, you could go outside and obliterate your ankles with the Skip It:

a Skip It
u/risque-and-radiant / Via

18.I know I spent *many* hours after school with the Bop It until my parents sold it in a garage sale because they couldn't stand hearing "BOP IT. TWIST IT. PULL IT." ever again:

Original Bop It interactive toy with twistable, boppable, and pullable parts
u/Littlest-Lapin / Via

19.Streaming didn't exist yet, but there was plenty of classy and not at all trashy programming to choose from — like Room Raiders:

"Room Raiders"
Granada America / @PiKoMe / Via

20.The best thing you could see on the TV guide was a marathon of Next — the most chaotic dating show in 2000s history:

"Screenshot from the TV show 'Next' featuring contestant Keith, 20, with subtitles listing his interests and fears."
MTV Networks / Via

21.If you were hungry for a lil' snack, you could slam three of these without a worry in the world:

Amazon / Via

22.And finally, the best part of coming home from school was a Scooby-Doo-themed gummy pack with *many* blue gummies:

gummy snacks