22 stitches for Li Chen after facing Jong-kook

22 stitches for Li Chen after facing Jong-kook

13 Nov – Chinese actor Li Chen (also known as Jerrry Lee) recently revealed why he was absent during the last few minutes of the special Korea vs China "Running Man" broadcast, and said that he had to be sent to the hospital after a fight with muscle man, Kim Jong-kook.

According to Hebei News, the actor, who was nowhere to be seen in the broadcast after his name tag was torn by the Korean singer, revealed that he had to be hospitalised, and received suture treatment due to an accident.

Reportedly, the actor fell during the brawl with Kim, and wounded his forehead. Li needed 22 stitches to close the cut and can also be seen with a bandage across his brow in a group photo later on.

Turning to his micro blog recently, Li Chen revealed, "The programme's aim is to entertain and spread happiness through the collaboration, so some parts had to be left out."

However, Li Chen assured that he is fine and thanked everybody for their concern and support.

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